Taurus Work Compatibility

Taurus Work Compatibility: Practical and Persistent

Check out how each zodiac sign works best with Taurus
Tarot.com Staff

Employers love you, Taurus! You're dependable, hardworking, and likely to stay in one position for a long time -- as long as you feel secure and needed there. While not known for generating tons of new ideas, you are known for persistence, stability, and making the work environment a pleasant place.

Employers love you, Taurus! You’re dependable, hardworking, and likely to stay in one position for a long time -- as long as you feel secure and needed there. While not known for generating tons of new ideas, you are known for persistence, stability, and making the work environment a pleasant place.


Taurus and Aries

Taurus and Aries Compatibility If there’s one thing you love, Taurus, it’s having a routine. It brings you security and comfort. If there’s one thing an Aries hates, it’s being bored. To a Ram, routine and comfort equals boredom. Likewise, you’ll have a hard time accepting your colleague’s half-hearted commitments and inability to finish anything they start. Is this partnership doomed? Not if you fan the flames of Aries’ enthusiasm. The Ram is much more likely to respect your need for beauty and harmony if you honor their craving for adventure. You work best with customers, while Aries is better at advertising and sales. Let your respective strengths balance each other’s weaknesses. The one thing you will have to do is stand firm against your colleague’s bullying ways. Fortunately, you’re not easily swayed!

Taurus and Taurus

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility When two Bulls work together, they do it in a practical manner. It may not sound like the most exciting pairing in the world, Taurus, but you don’t equate work with excitement. In fact, you prefer a job that is stable, solid, and predictable. You’re both into the great outdoors, and could run a very successful landscaping business. You love food as much as you love nature, so you might also be good at running a popular restaurant. Creature comforts are also associated with your sign, which means the two of you may decide to open a luxury spa together. One thing’s for sure, the two of you will have well-balanced books. If the two of you are working for another employer, make sure that your love of routine doesn’t prevent you from trying new methods that will help the business grow.

Taurus and Gemini

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility Taurus and Gemini have totally different approaches to work. You like to create a stable work routine, while Gemini wants to mix things up. You prefer tried-and-true methods, whereas Gemini needs to experiment with new techniques. And while Gemini’s inability to focus can drive you to distraction, you do admire their ability to multi-task. If the two of you are going to form a successful work partnership, you should be given duties that require patience and perseverance, while Gemini should handle jobs that involve snap decisions and versatility. Try not to resent this sign for intruding upon your routine, particularly if he or she needs something that is essential to getting their job description. Gemini is less likely to pester you if they’ve got a full work load.

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Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility Caring Cancer makes a fantastic colleague for you, Taurus. You can be sure this coworker will tell you to slow down when you’re showing signs of stress, or bring you a cup of coffee when you’re suffering from exhaustion. In exchange for all this kindness and consideration, you can shield Cancer from the nastier elements of your business. You’ve got a thick skin and can handle the barbs and insults of irate customers, abusive bosses, and petty colleagues. The more stable and secure your employer, the better you will both perform. If you think you can do a better job, the two of you would be smart to go into business for yourselves. The two of you could run a very successful day care, catering business, or eldercare facility.

Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Leo Compatibility Leo can try your patience with their need for praise and attention, but don’t underestimate this colleague’s strong points. You’re both very creative people who enjoy lots of creature comforts. Together, you can create a beautiful and relaxing work environment. You’re also hard workers and are willing to do whatever is necessary to be successful. The difference between you is that Leo wants glory, while you want financial stability. If you let the Lion attend to the more glamorous aspects of the job, he or she will allow you to take a bigger share of the profits. The two of you could run a successful beauty salon, gift shop, or interior design business. If Leo starts slacking off, remember that flattery will get you everywhere with this sign.

Taurus and Virgo

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs, which adds up to a stable work partnership. You bring a sense of beauty and style to the table, while Virgo adds strong powers of analysis. At times, Virgo’s nit-picking will drive you to distraction, while your unflappable demeanor will fuel the Virgin’s anxieties. Fortunately, it will be relatively easy to overlook each other’s idiosyncrasies, because you both possess great work ethics. Together, you could run a very successful florist, health food store, or organic beauty product business. If the two of you are working for another employer, you should attend to the day-to-day operations, while Virgo focuses on market trends, sales strategies, and communications.

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Taurus and Libra

Taurus and Libra Compatibility Taurus and Libra are both associated with Venus, which means you both seek a work environment that is harmonious, beautiful, and relaxing. And while you prefer working with a stable roster of clients, Libra enjoys seeking out new clients at every opportunity. The two of you would do very well operating a fashion house, beauty salon, or florist. If you work for another company, be sure to decorate your work space together, and then delegate the responsibilities according to each other’s strengths. You’re great at jobs that require patience and perseverance, while Libra excels at creating winning marketing strategies. If you can overlook Libra’s flakiness, he or she will ignore your stubbornness.

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility Scorpio and Taurus are both Fixed signs, which means you both have a stubborn streak. You both sulk when you don’t get your own way, too. The difference between you is that you’re more likely to let the other person know what they did wrong, while Scorpio will remain quiet and moody. If you run into trouble with your Scorpion colleague, it will be up to you to clear the air. Fortunately, the two of you are very hard workers and respect each other’s ability to bring difficult projects to fruition. Scorpio will sometimes read into things too much, while you’ll occasionally overlook subtle details that Scorpio will immediately spot. Together, you can form a productive -- if sometimes uneasy -- partnership.

Taurus and Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility A collaborative partnership between a Taurus and a Sagittarius isn’t easy, that’s for sure. You move slower than goal-oriented Sagittarius. In some cases, your no-nonsense personality can dampen the Archer’s enthusiasm, while their frenetic pace throws off your stride. If you’re going to work together, you have to establish some ground rules. If you give Sagittarius the freedom to develop their own way of doing things, he or she will respect your insistence on establishing certain routines. Actually, Sagittarius will benefit from your systems, as this worker can sometimes let important details fall through the cracks. Meanwhile, you can benefit from the Archer’s attempts to widen your horizons, so don’t be so quick to shoot down his or her suggestions. The two of you share a great sense of humor, so you’re sure to find lots to laugh about at work.

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Taurus and Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility As Earth signs, you and Capricorn share a strong work ethic, as well as a practical outlook. And while you probably possess more artistic ability than Capricorn, your colleague has more executive ability. If you let your partner make all the important decisions, they’ll let you express your creative flair. The two of you could run a very successful pottery, knitting, or carpentry business. Hands-on crafts suit you best. If you’re working for an employer, listen to Capricorn’s advice regarding getting ahead. Meanwhile, do your best to bring out the Goat’s playful side. This may not be the most exciting partnership in the world, but it will be a profitable one.

Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility It might be nearly impossible for you to figure out your Aquarian colleague, Taurus. This person simply doesn’t play by the rules. It may take Aquarius half the time to finish jobs that you require, but don’t let that bother you. You possess a far greater sense of beauty, which gives your work a pleasing flair. You also lend a calming influence to your work environment that Aquarius desperately needs. If you let Aquarius do their own thing without getting hung up on the rules and regulations, he or she will learn to see the wisdom of your deliberate ways. Let Aquarius come up with the strategies that set you apart from the competition, while you attend to the day-to-day operations. You could both succeed with a graphic design business, an architecture firm, or a holistic healing clinic.

Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility You’re a practical one, Bull, which provides just the supportive professional foundation a dreamy Pisces needs. Watery Pisces thrives in a private world full of fantasy and imagination. Your colleague is sensitive and compassionate, while you’re practical and professional. If you respect the Fish’s intuition, he or she will honor your sensible advice. Together, you can form a highly successful business partnership. The two of you are quite artistic and could run a profitable fashion house, art gallery, or interior design business. Alternately, you can combine your love of food with the Fish’s need to nurture by opening a restaurant. If you take care not to hurt Pisces’ feelings, he or she won’t mess with your routine.

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