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Daily Horoscopes: The Inside Story

Can a daily reading really give you accurate, insightful answers?

By Rick Levine

I enjoy social media as much as anyone, but with warrior Mars conjunct my fiery Aries Sun, I get so passionate about my work as an astrologer that I shy away from online Astrology discussions that are controversial. However, sometimes I just can't help myself...

One of the groups I participate in is a forum for professional astrologers. Recently, one of the astrologers posted a question to the group asking if daily horoscope columns helped or hindered "real" Astrology. He defined real Astrology as the individualized chart work that is used in private consultations or readings.

This kind of Astrology requires the creation of a unique birth chart, based on the exact time and place of birth. These "natal horoscope" charts map the Sun, Moon, and all the planets, showing the exact geometric relationship between them. No two charts are the same -- and that's why you can get a personalized horoscope through us every day.

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Helping or hurting?

The question implied that daily horoscopes were somehow harmful to the profession of Astrology. A few astrologers responded with their negative judgments about horoscope columns. I was annoyed with the close-minded bias of some of the more academic counseling astrologers. I reminded them that there are many ways that people first learn about Astrology. Interest in Astrology rarely starts with a costly personal reading with a trained astrologer. Some get their first taste from a computer-generated personalized report. Yet many of the best technical astrologers I know became interested in Astrology by reading the "1-in-12" Sun sign Astrology we get in daily horoscopes like the ones that I write every day. Many became hooked on Astrology by reading Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs," perhaps the most popular Astrology book of all time.

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A different outlook

Perhaps I have a unique perspective because I live in both worlds. I am a practicing professional astrologer with forty years of experience, who sees individual clients in a one-on-one setting. I lecture to other professional astrologers and serious students on highly technical topics. And I have written a successful daily sun sign column for for over ten years with millions of subscribers who receive my column via email every day. I have written (with astrologer Jeff Jawer) eight annual Sun sign Astrology books for Barnes & Noble (Sterling Press). And I take pride in sharing astrological wisdom with the masses and titillating my non-astrological readers with useful cosmic perspectives. And if my words inspire anyone to take his or her studies to the next level, my mission is fulfilled.

I explained to this group of online professional astrologers that I consider my work as the author of a popular Sun sign horoscope column to be a privilege because of how many people my horoscopes reach. Granted, Astrology based solely on one's Sun sign (time of year) is limited in its scope, but the information can still be profound and valuable to the reader. There were those who condemned the watered down approach of daily horoscopes. I replied, "It's a big universe with many roads to enlightenment."

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Fortunately, I was not the only one in the forum who spoke up in support of Sun sign Astrology. Some of the best horoscope writers in the world came out of the woodwork to add their two cents. A few days and over a hundred messages later, most of the professional astrologers in the group agreed that a skilled astrologer can write meaningful and useful daily horoscopes. Unfortunately, there are no regulations to protect the public from bogus Astrology. Someone can just make it up and print a daily horoscope column that is totally meaningless. This scam, in fact, has even been documented at a reputable newspaper! It falls onto the unsuspecting public to check their sources. Thankfully, the writers here at are all skilled astrologers who know their trade and write to inspire and empower their readers. I am happy to be in their company.

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