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The Astrology of December 21, 2012

Cosmic events at the end of the Mayan calendar

By Jeff Jawer

December 21, 2012 ... sound familiar? If you know your Astrology, you know that December 21 marks the Winter Solstice this year, and the day the Sun moves into the cardinal sign of Capricorn. But more than likely, this date stands out to you because of its association with the Mayan calendar.

According to the Mayans' Long Count calendar, December 21, 2012, marks the end of one 5000-plus-year epoch, and the beginning of another one -- a concept the media has been hyping for years now, having jumped on the doomsday bandwagon. Yes, change is a given, but rather than being the end of life as we know it, this can actually be the start of an exciting new era.

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We know that December 21 and the whole 2012 controversy stirs fear in some and excitement in others. Now, get a load of the cosmic energy around December 21, 2012, to see what kind of perspective is offered by the cosmic events of the times!

Venus trine Uranus, exact on December 19

Our desire for new experiences is strong with Venus' happy trine to innovative Uranus in Aries. We're ready to take risks in our social lives, which is emphasized on December 21 with the mood-setting Moon in impulsive Aries. It's appropriate to push some limits, but the boundaries that really need to be expanded now are those of self-awareness. We contribute to the collective consciousness, not to mention our own personal growth, when we take risks to explore undiscovered parts of ourselves.

Sun sextile Neptune, exact on December 22

The Sun's exact sextile with spiritual Neptune is a favorable aspect that expands our consciousness, opens our hearts, and makes room for faith and forgiveness. And with spiritual Neptune in its supersensitive home sign of Pisces, we get a significant dose of compassion and imagination, too. Control and authority are usually the names of the game when the Sun's in disciplined Capricorn, but as Neptune steps in to dissolve boundaries, a more inclusive and generous environment can thrive around December 21, 2012.

Jupiter quincunx Saturn, exact on December 22

Expansive Jupiter forms an awkward quincunx with stern Saturn, infecting our optimism with pessimism, and counteracting any advances we make with more delays. Progress is possible, but it's best taken in small steps and grounded in solid form now.

Venus opposite Jupiter, exact on December 22

Desire-driven Venus in adventurous Sagittarius opposes Jupiter, increasing our personal appetites. Our growing desire for pleasure, approval, and love could instigate some risky behavior. Stretching ourselves in relationships and tastes is fine, as long as we don't over-estimate people, spend too much, or indulge in unhealthy habits.

Sun square Uranus, exact on December 25;
Sun conjunct Pluto, exact on December 30

The Sun's aspects to revolutionary Uranus and transformative Pluto around December 21 energize the most significant astrological event of our times. This is the series of seven stressful squares between Uranus and Pluto from 2012 - 2015, that are affecting our lives with disruptive -- but potentially liberating -- energy. Power struggles and rebellion are likely, and regime changes can be expected as governmental and business leaders fall. Yet this also represents changes in our individual lives, as we push back against repression and look for new ways to express ourselves. On a negative side, mistrust and chaos are possible, but the positives are breakthroughs in awareness and a better understanding of our own power.

While the world may not completely change on December 21, 2012, there's no denying this date marks a potential turning point in the several million year story of human evolution.

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