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Symbols in Your Dreams -- What Do They Mean?

What it means when snakes, cats, and more appear in your dreams

By Marie Primavera

Dreams are mysterious and unique to each individual, but you might be surprised to learn that certain symbols have universal meaning when it comes to dream interpretation.

Some dream symbols are more common than others, and their true meaning is often very different from what you might expect due to the literal object in the dream.

If you dream of a stray or feral cat...

In dreams, cats often symbolize women and certain female characteristics, both the good and the bad -- such as being intuitive and sensible, or perhaps prideful and jealous. What the cats are doing in your dreams can be quite telling.

If you dream of cats, especially wild, stray or feral cats, in can indicate that you are worried some women feel hostility toward you. Of if you dream of a cat sitting up high on a fence and looking down at you, it could be interpreted that an older woman or a female authority figure is working against you.

If you are scratched or bitten by a cat in your dreams, it could be that you feel nagged or attacked by a female family member, or perhaps a woman at work.

Overall, dreaming of cats indicates intellectual curiosity and the deep desire for new experiences.

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If a baby appears in your dream...

It may seem obvious what's on your mind if you dream of babies -- and yes, perhaps you would like one -- but some of the other possible meanings are hidden.

In general, dreaming of babies represents innocence and openness to new possibilities. But there are many dream interpretations about babies. It's considered good luck to dream of a cute baby in good health. If you dream of being a baby yourself, it could indicate you feel powerless and could face trouble.

If you dream of your lover holding a baby, it means you are optimistic about your relationship. If you dream a baby is drinking your milk, it could suggest extra income.

Overall, babies are a good symbol to discover in your dreams, because they represent a turning point or "rebirth" that can lead to wonderful new things.

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If you dream about a snake...

Snake dreams have different implications, depending on what is happening in your life and in your mind. When a snake appears in your dream, it can be either a good or bad omen. Snakes are revered as spiritual creatures. They represent wisdom and vitality, and strong fertility. But they can also represent destruction, temptation and vindictiveness.

If you dream you are bitten by a snake, it could indicate turning ill -- unless you were bitten in the chest, which could represent the feeling of being "bitten" or smitten by suddenly falling into intense love.

Snakes can represent various stages of sexual desire, too. For example, a slithering snake could represent sexual temptation, while a coiled snake could symbolize a fear of sex.

Molting snakes are symbols of independence and moving into a new stage of life, and white snakes are said to be messengers of good luck.

If you dream you are trying to grab or catch a snake, it could indicate good fortune with money -- unless you can't catch it, which means you may be frustrated by your lack of funds.

In all, snake dreams are about power and desire and should be given your careful focus and attention to decipher their true meaning.

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If you dream about an ex-boyfriend or old lover...

When former romances show up in your dreams, it usually represents a deep attachment to the past.

If you dream of a lover from long ago, it may not mean that you really want that person back -- you may just be feeling very lonely and wishing you could move forward again.

On the other hand, if you dream of your ex-lover with a new partner or getting married, it could mean that you are finally ready to put the past behind and move on.

Dreaming of former loves brings up a lot of feeling and emotion that can simply indicate the desire to belong to someone and feel loved and accepted. You may have obstacles holding you back from achieving this, and your dreams are urging you to work on yourself so you'll have the confidence to love and be loved again.

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If you dream about being pregnant...

Being pregnant is exciting and scary and profound, all at the same time -- so when you dream about being pregnant those are the same feelings you may be experiencing.

Dreaming you are pregnant doesn't mean you are pregnant -- it indicates that you may be putting effort into something new, or feeling confident and powerful, as you would if you were creating a new life.

Dreaming of another person's pregnancy can symbolize the emergence of new friends and allies who appreciate you for all you do.

When you dream you are pregnant with child, you are really just pregnant with possibility -- so pay attention the other details in your dream to reveal the message your dream is trying to tell you.

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