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A-Z Dream Analysis -- What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Find out the meaning of the symbols in your dreams

By Tarot.com Staff

Have you ever dreamed about flying or falling? What about losing teeth or showing up to work or school naked? Not to mention test-taking, meeting a celebrity, driving an out-of-control vehicle...

Dreaming is something that all humans, and most animals, do. Dreaming is mostly done when we sleep, but some people can dream while they are awake as well. Dreams can happen when your eyes are closed and sometimes even when you are in darkness with your eyes open.

Find out the true meaning of your one-time dream or reoccurring dreams!


ADVERTISMENT: Where are they; in a magazine or on a billboard? Maybe they were on TV? Advertisements can be a positive sign in a dream, indicating you will get what it is you are wanting. They can also tell you what it is you desire.

AIRPLANE: Where were they? Where were you? Were you rushing to the airport, or were you already there waiting for either arrivals or departures? If you are departing, the symbol suggests that you will soon be going somewhere or someone else will be leaving your life for a while. If you are waiting at the arrivals, however, something or someone you have been waiting for is on the way to you.

ANGEL: Angels come to bless or guide you, or sometimes they will take you to meet friends and family on the other side. 

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BABY: Babies in dreams represent new life. They are very spiritual in dreams and may even indicate a new life is coming close to you. It can mean also something you have been expecting is about to happen. If the baby is crying in the dream, you should look at what still needs to be done if you are expecting something new to happen in your life. 

BALLOON: Balloons can mean a lot of hot air -- something being made out of nothing, or something that's about to blow up.

BAND PLAYING: Sometimes we are aware of sounds and music in our dreams and can wake up with the tune still buzzing around in our heads. If it was music you enjoyed, expect a pleasant surprise. If it was music you do not like, be prepared to ignore something or someone in order to keep the peace.

BEACH: Most likely, dreaming of being on a beach is a dream where other details are more important than the beach itself. Was the tide high or low? What else did you see? Boats or large ships? It could symbolize that you will soon be going on holiday and will be at the beach. Another interpretation, however, is being stranded somewhere.

BELL: What were the bells doing? Were they playing a tune and if so, what? Often dreaming of bells indicates a wedding or another happy occasion where you may visit a church. Bells can also indicate a celebration or anniversary.

BICYCLE/BIKE: Bicycles have the fundamental meaning of going for a ride. It could also be a highly sexual dream.

BIRD: Did you know what kind of birds they were? Often birds can mean a child is about to be born. Happy news is on the way. Always look at what else was going on in the dreams you had to help understand what the good news or happiness may relate to.

BRIDGE: Were you on a bridge? Were you walking toward a bridge? All the dreams of bridges where you were crossing or about to cross mean you are about to make an important journey. Once you cross the bridge, you may not be able to come back. So, if you have a dream with a bridge, make sure you want to cross it. Bridges in dreams are often dreams where you have a choice: stay still, go back, or cross.

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CAMERA: If you see or have a camera in a dream, either you are being watched or you need to watch out. Look at the bigger picture if it was a large camera.

CASTLE: A castle or any type of dwelling represents you and your life. Houses, apartments, etc., all have the same kind of meaning: they are related to your life's security.

CHASE/BEING CHASED: This dream is often trying to tell you that there is something or someone looking for you to do something that you may not be ready to do, or even want to do. You are running away from it. It could be trying to tell you to look back at something in your past that you are worried about. It may be that you need not worry and no longer have to run away. Where you are in the dream may not be important, but you should note it just in case.

CLOCK: Clocks or watches in dreams represent time, and you need to look at the face or hands on the clock. A big clock is telling you to look carefully at something. A watch has a similar meaning but often it is telling you to watch out for something coming in your direction. The hands on the clock or watch will often give us clues regarding when such things might occur.

CRASHING: These dreams are often a warning to slow down and take extra care with whatever it was you were doing in the dream. They do not mean you will crash, but they might be warning you about something in the future that you need to look out for. 

CROSS: To dream of a cross is often about a crossroads coming up in your life. Which way should you go? If the cross is in a church, it means that, for one reason or another, you may find yourself unexpectedly in a church. 

CUP: Cups represent life. The cup of life.

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DANCE: Dreams of dancing mean that you may need to do something you did not think you needed to in order to get something. It could be a job or perhaps a new home. Dancing is always a good dream to have, just make sure if it is a happy dance that you keep your wits about you and do not trust everyone all the time. However, dancing will never mean anything that you need to worry about too much.

DEATH: Dreaming of death is about change, not about dying. Almost always it signifies the end of one thing and the beginning of something new and wonderful. Dreams of death are nothing to worry about.

DOOR: To dream of doors is to dream of changes you can make. Was the door open or closed? Locked or unlocked? If a door is open, you will soon enter something new. If it is closed, your dreams are trying to signal that you should wait a bit before making a move. If it is locked, that means you should wait before you make a decision. If the door is unlocked, now is the time to act. 

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EGG: Dreaming of eggs that you are about to eat means that you have made the right changes in your life. Cracked eggs in a dream indicate that a problem that you have been working on is about to be solved. Hatching eggs signify that a project you are working on is about to start working well for you.

EARTHQUAKE: When an earthquake happens in your dream, something can shake you up, or something unexpected will make you rethink a plan or project. 

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FAILING A TEST: Take care, study more, revise more -- these of dreams are trying to make sure that you do not fail in something, and very often there will be clues in the dreams that will guide you to make sure you succeed in whatever it is. These dreams do not tell you that you will fail; they are telling you not to fail, so do a little more to make sure you do not.

FALLING: Dreams of falling can have many meanings, and they depend on where you are when you are falling. The most common meanings are settling down or coming back to a position you had before. These are often dreams reassuring you that things are getting back to normal and settling down again.

FIRE: Fire in dreams often means that something is about to start all over again from the beginning.

FISH: Dreams about fish are about catching something or being caught over something.

FLOWER: Love is in the air. Flowers are about a celebration of some kind. Love may be blossoming. 

FLYING: In these dreams, you often feel you are actually flying and that is exactly what you might be doing. You may be having an out-of-body dream where you are going or being taken to a place where you always wanted to go, and these dreams can show you where you will be going in the future. 

FOOD: Food, eating, or any dream where food is involved is about your needs. The things to look for in these dreams are, were you being fed or cooking the food for yourself? Was someone else offering the food to you? It is important to take note of what else was happening in your dreams with food, because they could be showing you something you need to do to make your life much happier, or they are showing the way to get something you want or need.

FOREST: Being in a forest can be about breathing. Trees can represent lungs. Being lost in a forest can mean that you do not yet fully understand a situation. 

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GOLD: Dreaming of gold or other valuable metals is likely a very positive sign. You need to look at what else was happening in these dreams, as the gold is a sign of goodness and purity.

GUN: Dreaming of guns is a sexual dream most of the time. It can indicate a new lover or meeting again with an ex-lover.

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HAIR: Hair falling out can indicate a health issue. Cutting hair is about money being lost or overspending. Some say dreaming about long hair is about a long journey.

HILL: To climb up a hill in a dream means you are on the right track and are getting where you want to go. Going downhill is negative and can mean things are slipping away from you.

HOUSE: Like castles, houses represent you and your own life.

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JAIL: If you dream of a prison, were you a visitor or were you an inmate? It most likely is a dream about being restricted in something you want to do.

JUDGE: To dream of judges is about making the right choices -- judgements that need to be made by you or others around you.

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KEY: Any dream with a key will be important to you. Keys in dreams are the same as keys in everyday life. Keys can lock and unlock, so a key in a dream is often trying to tell you how to understand something -- how to open, close, or protect something. It could be the key to understanding something. If the key is in a door, then you can lock or unlock whatever the door may be leading to. The door may be one you know, like your house door, or it could just be a door that has no meaning to you.

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LABEL: A label in a dream is much the same as a label on your clothes or something you buy. A label identifies what it is on. So if you see a label, try to remember where you saw the label in your dream. What was the label on or perhaps you remember what was on the label?

LAMB: Seeing a lamb in a dream represents something innocent, kind or soft. 

LAMP: A lamp in your dream symbolizes guidance, hope, inspiration, enlightenment, and reassurance. If the lamp is dimly lit or unlit, then it suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by emotional issues. You have lost your ability to find your own way or see things clearly. To see a broken lamp in your dream suggests that you are shutting out those who are trying to help you. It is also symbolic of disappointments, misfortune, and bad luck.

LAMP POST: To see a lamppost in your dream indicates that light needs to be shed on a dark situation. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are coming out of a depressing or gloomy phase.

LAMPSHADE: To see a lampshade in your dream indicates that you are seeking protection from an intense energy or power. You may be trying to shield yourself or be less noticeable.

LANTERN: To see or carry a lantern in your dream represents feelings and wisdom radiating from within you. These qualities will serve to guide you through life's journey.

LEAF: Leaves in a dream suggest that nothing lasts forever. Some trees lose their leaves after the summer, so ask yourself, were the leaves in your dream evergreen or leaves that fall? Evergreen leaves can mean that something will last and not fade. Other leaves will grow back again in the spring if they are not evergreen, indicating that something is stopping but will restart again. 

LOSING SOMETHING: Dreams of losing something may mean that you will or have already lost something. Very often these dreams are telling you what you may lose or where to find something you have already lost. The item in question could either be a person or an object.

LOVE: One of the most common dreams involves love -- your own feelings or someone else's love. Almost always these do relate to relationships with a person or people. Remember, though, we can also love places or things. Take care to write down any dreams involving love, because they may often be repeating dreams over days, weeks, or even longer.

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MAGAZINE: If you are reading a magazine in your dream, it probably means you are looking for something new. It could be an idea or maybe something you would like to buy.

MAP: If you see a map or maps in a dream, then most likely your dream is trying to tell you how to get somewhere, just like real life. 

MASSAGE: If you are being massaged in a dream, most likely you have a friend or lover who wants to get closer to you, to pamper you. It may also be a sign that you have been overworking yourself and your body needs to relax and rest.

MEETING: If you dream that you are on your way or are already at a meeting, it is important to note who you were with and where you were, as well as what the meeting was about. It will probably be easy for you to understand this kind of dream because it will fit with what is happening in your life at that time. Remember your dream could be about a future meeting.

MISSING A BUS/PLANE: Missing a bus, plane, train, ship, or taxi warns you to take care if you have plans. Make sure you look at them carefully and make sure you have plenty of time.

MIRROR: If you see a mirror in a dream, always check what you see in it. If you see yourself, it is telling you to look at yourself from the perspective of others. Sometimes we forget how others see us and often we need to make adjustments.

MONEY: Money in a dream does not always mean money in real life, but can sometimes represent money that has been expected for some time. More likely your dream is trying to show you value in something. Who had the money in the dream? Were you looking for money? Did you lose money? 

MOON: If you dream of the moon, your dreams are trying to tell you about your emotional state at that time. The moon is the most powerful influence on Earth, after the Sun. The moon shifts all the tides of the oceans. Its pull on us is enormous. The moon controls our moods and it can make us very happy, and at other times, very sad. If you do dream of the moon, note the phase it was. Was it a New Moon or a Full Moon? That can be important in understanding what the Moon dream means to you.

MOTORCYCLE/SCOOTER: These dreams are about making a progress in something. If you fall off the cycle, it only means that there may be a little delay in your success, but you will get there in the end.

MOUNTAIN: If you are climbing a mountain, it is about your journey in life, and if you are trying to climb but find it difficult, it is telling you that your life will be a little difficult, but that you can get to where you want to go. So if you do dream of mountains, take it as a sign that you should keep going.

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NAKED/BEING NAKED: The most common meaning when you dream you are naked is that others can see something that you thought they could not see. Maybe they know something that you thought was a secret. Your secret has been exposed.

NURSE: If you dream of a nurse, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to take better care of yourself or someone near you. It can also mean you should slow things down a little at work. Take a little extra care.

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OCEAN: Was it calm or did it have huge waves? The state of the waves is what we should pay attention to in such dreams. Big waves indicate high levels of emotion. Calm seas with almost no waves are signaling to you that things will soon settle down.

OVEN: If you see an oven or cooker of some kind, your dream is telling you that things will be heating up. Often, seeing this indicates some kind of argument in your life. 

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PARTY: Dreams about parties mean celebration in your future. It could be the dream is trying to remind you of someone's birthday or anniversary. We often forget special dates we need to remember, so ask yourself: have I forgotten a special date that is coming soon?

PEN/PENCIL: Dreams of such usually are a reminder that you need to do something requiring writing. It could be as simple as you have to fill in a form or write a card or note to someone.

PLANT: The key here is placing something somewhere. What were you planting? Where were you planting? Plants need water and sunlight, so this dream might tell you that you need to drink water and get out of the house more often.

PRIZE: If you win a prize in your dream, you are shown a reward for your efforts. It could also be telling you that you may have won something so check lottery numbers as well!

PUZZLE: If you dream about doing a puzzle, the dream is trying to help you place the puzzle pieces of your own life in order.

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RADIO: If you dream of a radio or something like a radio it means you should listen to what is happening around you, rather than merely watch your surroundings.

RAIN: If you dream it is raining or you are out in the rain, you should take care. It's essentially a warning that something dangerous is about to happen. If you are dressed in a hat and coat, it means you have taken the right precautions and you won't be harmed.

RAZOR/BLADE: These are symbols telling you to look out. Sharpen your senses and be alert. 

RESTAURANT: If you find yourself eating out in a restaurant or another place it is an indicator that things are going well for you and many new opportunities are coming your way.

RING: A ring in a dream can mean you are going around in circles in your life and need a break from the routine. It does not necessarily imply a wedding or engagement, but it could be. It can also indicate an unexpected phone call.

RIVER: Seeing a river or trying to cross a river means it's OK to change things about your life. The river represents your journey through life. Sometimes we face changes that may look scary but eventually lead us to the right path.

ROCK: Seeing rocks alerts you to a situation that will be rocky. Sometimes it's difficult to process, but normally these dreams help you explain how you should go forward.

ROOM: Rooms always represent parts of your present and perhaps future. Most of the time, rooms show your current options and help you decide between them.

ROPE: A rope of any kind suggests connections you may already have or are about to make. A string can indicate someone stringing out something, making it take longer than it needs to take.

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SCHOOL: Being at school is a very common dream. It means that you are about to experience something new and you are going to learn a lesson from that. It can also mean you are hungry for learning. You also need to pay attention to what kind of school it is, if it is a school you or someone you know went to or still goes to. If that is the case, the dream is linking you back up with that person or people. It is a positive dream and you will often dream the same dream over many nights until you finally accept its message.

SEED: If you plant seeds in a dream it usually means you will soon start a new project or relationship. If you water the seeds, you are doing the right things and the relationship will blossom or the project will go well. If your seeds need watering, you must do a little more to get what you want.

SHARK: To dream of sharks is a warning you should take notice of. Sharks represent people who will try to take advantage of you and may try to steal your money or possessions. They could even be trying to steal friends from you. 

SHELL: If you dream of shells while walking along the beach, it suggests luck. It can be almost any kind of good luck coming your way, either material or emotional. But the general message is that you are going to stumble upon something good that you have long been waiting for.

SHIP: Ships in dreams may be more about the state of the ocean or water they are floating on. If the ship is sailing on calm water, it means your life will be heading in the desired direction smoothly. If the water is choppy, then your journey will be a bit problematic as well. So although you see a ship, it's most often the water that is important and the ship is just filling in the dream to help make sense to you.

SHOE: Shoes appearing in dreams send signs about your love life or the lack of it. It may also mean that you are envious of another person, wishing you were in their shoes. 

SKY: What was the color of the sky? If it was clear and blue everything will go very well for you. Dark clouds can mean that something from your past could come back to haunt you. 

SNAKE: Snakes are very common, one of the most frequent symbols that appear in dreams. There is no simple answer to dreaming about snakes because it is a symbol that digs into the very depths of our personal life and our soul. These dreams can indicate danger, or act as a warning that people around you cannot always be trusted, and you should be aware of potential emotional harm. It can refer to the fact that people quite close to you try to deceive you, so please take snake dreams as a personal warning.

SNOW/ICE: Snow can be a sign of danger. If snow is present in your real life at the time, you could slip and fall and hurt yourself. If there is no actual snow out there where you live, you should take it as a warning to take care of yourself. Watch out for situations that can be avoided and would only cause you problems. Avoid fighting with your partner. 

STAR: Dreaming of a star is most likely to be personal and to have nothing to do with the stars in the sky. It is most likely a dream to boost your confidence and remind you that you are a star -- a wonderful soul shining brightly in your own and other people's lives. You may even be headed for stardom. So take star dreams as wonderful encouraging messages from your own psyche or from the universe.

STORM: Being caught in a storm is a common dream. There are storms all around us in the weather, but also we can have storms in our lives. Temper tantrums are storms for example. Storm dreams could refer to weather storms or flipping out emotionally. As with other dreams of this kind, take a little extra care.

SUBWAY: Dreaming of a subway indicates you are on a journey and you need to focus on the goal you are trying to achieve. Remember on a subway you only go forward or backward once you are down there. So if you have a project or goal, go for it. Don't look back -- focus on the future.

SWIMMING/DROWNING: Swimming means that there are things around you which you will be able to obtain easily. Drowning is often similar but it can simply mean that situations you find yourself in can be overwhelming or too much for you.

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TELEVISION: Dreaming about a TV or a screen tells you to look at the bigger picture. Make sure you pay attention and remember what you saw on the screen. They are valuable in helping you get to where you want to be.

TENT: To be in a tent or go camping suggests that while you are safe beneath a shelter of a tent, there is more you could do to improve your life. Being in a tent is a much better sign in a dream than being out in the open with no protection.

TEST: Either it's you who is put to the test, or it's actually you testing the people around you. Tests are challenges, and dreaming of tests or exams suggests that you need to put in a little more effort. Students often have these dreams and you should look out in the dreams for anything indicating an area that you need to focus on and revise more. Your dreams want you to pass -- remember that and they will help and guide you and sometimes push you to success.

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UMBRELLA: A very powerful symbol in any dream, umbrellas mean protection -- protection from any danger, not just getting wet in the rain. If in your dream you have an umbrella with you or you are sharing one, it means you are protected. If you are looking for one and cannot find any, please take care. This may show or mean that you or someone close to you needs protection. To have an umbrella in a dream is a good sign whatever way you look at it.

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VOLCANO: This can be telling you that something is going to erupt in your life. They are often a symbol of fear; a fear of something long forgotten in your past will re-surface and erupt again. It is a warning for you to stay calm and quiet. Don't generate unnecessary problems in your life. Do not be your own worst enemy. Sometimes you need to learn to say nothing and observe the situation silently.

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WALL: If you dream of walls, someone or something is blocking your path. You could be walking, running, swimming -- you could be almost anywhere -- but a wall will prevent you from going any further. These dreams are trying to tell you that you won't succeed in what you are aiming at. Walls in dreams do not mean that at some time in the future you will not be able to move forward, they merely say that right now you better stop trying. There is always a time to move forward and a time to wait. Walls in dreams tell you to wait.

WATER: Any dream with water will connect to your emotions. Waves in the water tell you things will not be easy for you in the near future.

WEDDING: If you dream you are at a wedding, the dream is sending you a message about a union, a partnership. Often it is foretelling a real wedding and you will soon learn in real life whose wedding it is -- it could even be your own. Sometimes dreams of weddings are just wish fulfillment

WHEEL: A wheel or wheels in dreams are telling you that things are turning around and moving forward. Plans you have made will come true. Wheels represent good fortune. A new cycle in life is about to start and bring you happiness.

WIFE: If you dream you are now a wife, and you are single in real life, the dream is saying you will soon get a marriage proposal. If you are a wife then there will be a change in the way your relationship moves forward. Normally a good sign.

WINDOW: Windows are often connections to the spiritual world. If you dream you go through a window, you will often find in that same dream you meet a departed friend or relative, indicating windows between the worlds.

WINGS: If you dream you have wings in a dream it is trying to tell you that it is OK to fly. You may see angels with wings in dreams, and that is a wonderful spiritual dream.

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X-RAY: If you dream you are having an X-ray, most likely this dream tells you that you are able to see much more than you think you can about a situation.

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ZOO: If you dream you are in a zoo, it might simply mean you are surrounded by many people who have emotional problems. Too much is going on in your life and you need to spend time relaxing.

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