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George Clooney

Check out this charming Taurus' Astrology birth chart

By Staff

George Clooney has that easygoing Taurus thing down pat. But his birth chart shows that he's no laid-back movie star. He's a man who pushes himself hard and makes the most of what he's got.

George Clooney is almost the perfect Taurus. He's handsome and debonair, but also carries that relaxed "I'm just one of the guys" attitude of his down-to-earth Sun sign. However, what you see isn't necessarily what you get with this star, whose self-mocking sense of humor masks a deeply serious side. Politically-charged films like "Good Night and Good Luck" and "Syriana" don't feel like the work of friendly Dr. Doug Ross or rascally thief Danny Ocean. George does love the good life, though: his luxurious lakeside villa in Italy isn't exactly the abode of a humble man. But in spite of the marble statues, we still imagine burgers -- not foie gras -- on the menu at Chez Clooney.

The Ascendant or Rising Sign describes the first impression a person makes. George's Ascendant is Pisces, the most adaptable of all zodiac signs. He's the chameleon, able to change his colors to blend into different environments. Pisces Rising is great for actors because it allows them to easily slip into different roles. This smooth operator is definitely much tougher than he looks, though ... especially on himself.

George was born with his Moon -- the planet of emotions -- in the hard-boiled sign of Capricorn. Like Taurus, Capricorn is a practical sign, so you can bet that he bought that villa well below market price. But while Taurus is sensual and self-indulgent, Capricorn is the hardest working sign of the zodiac.

Adding to the weight of this demanding lunar position is the Moon's close conjunction with Saturn, which is the planet of responsibility. Smiling George isn't just being modest -- he truly has major doubts about himself. When old Saturn hangs on the Moon, there's a secret puritan inside -- a conscientious worker with a constant need to prove himself. A dozen Oscars on the mantel wouldn’t erase his deep-rooted insecurity. George may act like he doesn't care what the world thinks about him, but that's probably because his harshest critic is himself.

Despite being Hollywood royalty, George identifies with the common man. His Jupiter -- the planet of beliefs and philosophy -- is in idealistic and liberal Aquarius. When he thought that Three Kings director David O. Russell was berating one of the film's extras, he challenged the director to a fight. Standing up for those who can't defend themselves is not the usual behavior of a self-important movie star. George is one of those rare individuals whose godlike appearance never overshadows his humanity. That's why, no matter how he feels about himself, George Clooney will always shine for us.

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