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planet jupiter

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Seek inner wisdom as giant Jupiter backtracks through the cosmos

By Tarot.com Staff

Enthusiastic Jupiter, the happy-go-lucky planet of expansion and growth, is slowing down and turning backward in the spiritual sign of Pisces on June 20, 2021, eventually retrograding back into Aquarius.

During this 4-month retrograde period, our plans to tackle big new ideas or endeavors will slow and perhaps stall. However, Jupiter is an expansive planet and Pisces is a spiritual sign, so this retrograde period can still help us! This is a time to learn about our own spiritual connections by listening to the experiences and views of others. If we use this energy wisely, we'll realize that we are all interconnected to the same sense of spirit, even if the way we express that looks different from those around us.

We all have inner wisdom if we take the time to listen to it, and Jupiter Retrograde encourages just that: Take a time out, slow down, and listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you to do? It should be easier to hear now.

Are my plans realistic? Am I not considering all perspectives in a situation? Do the things I want include the needs of others or just my own? Jupiter Retrograde asks those kinds of questions, and gives you four months to think about the answers.

Even while retrograde, bountiful Jupiter wants to help you figure out how to grow and change and become the best version of yourself. Use this time wisely -- it's a gift!

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