Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces: Spiritual, Compassionate, and Deep

Apr 14, 2033 – Sep 12, 2033

By Tarot.com Staff

Being the largest planet in our cosmos, Jupiter is known for its ability to expand our minds, hearts, and souls. It is a teacher, eager to open us up to the endless opportunity in our lives and possibility in our world. Jupiter is all about reaching further and going beyond our boundaries, which makes his transit through Pisces oh so perfect.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore represents boundlessness. It is a sign that revels in spirituality, fantasy, and connectivity. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces only helps to magnify this vast way of living, helping us reach feelings, thoughts, and experiences that we could never have dreamed of reaching before.

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When Jupiter is in Pisces

Jupiter is quite happy swimming in the wide and deep waters of Pisces. Jupiter is known as the Great Teacher, but during his transit through Pisces, the most important knowledge doesn’t come from reading books or listening to lectures. This is a time to learn from our souls. It’s a time to gain knowledge through silence, whether through meditation or walking through a quiet forest. Information and truths are sensed and learned within us and cannot be reduced to a simple sentence or two. With Jupiter in Pisces, the real prizes are found in our hearts, not our heads.

Our connection to something bigger than ourselves grows during Jupiter’s transit through Pisces. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, and Jupiter is the planet of philosophy and religion. When these two team up, our concept of faith expands greatly. We can learn so much about our own spiritual connections by listening to the experiences and views of others. Instead of seeing our personal viewpoints as right and others’ as wrong, this is a time to realize that we are all connected to the same sense of spirit, even if the specific paths we take and symbols or teachings we follow look different from someone else’s. Spirituality is such a personal concept, yet realizing there are many, many paths toward connection and enlightenment can actually help us solidify or expand our own unique views.

While Jupiter moves through Pisces, our egos pull back and our sense of compassion expands tremendously. We are more intuitive at this time, helping us to truly feel the worries, fears, and suffering of others. We cannot simply disregard others’ problems as their own. Instead, we are eager to help those around us to heal and to reach a happier place. Jupiter is a planet of great positivity and reward, and in this sense, the reward is a greater connection to loved ones, and the knowledge that we’ve truly helped another soul back onto the right path.

Overall Jupiter in Pisces blesses us with a beautiful energy that helps to strengthen our relationships with others and teaches us a great deal about ourselves. There is, however, one word of warning during this transit. Pisces is a very idealistic sign and, combined with Jupiter’s abundance of positivity, our expectations can become so idealistic that we set ourselves up for disappointment. An optimistic outlook is always a good thing, but if our head and both feet are up in the clouds, reality could bring us crashing down. We mustn’t lose our sense of hope and wonder, but we must realize that a bit of prudence can help us avoid a big letdown.

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

When Jupiter is moving forward, he brings situations into our lives that increase our opportunities and encourage expansion and abundance. When Jupiter turns retrograde, however, these chances for growth do not disappear, but they do change form.

While Jupiter retrogrades through Pisces, we have a greater chance to connect with our own spirits. Instead of healing others, we can heal ourselves. Personal healing is not easy work, but Jupiter Retrograde pushes us to ask the difficult questions we may have been avoiding, which will, in turn, promote the growth that Jupiter is known for. We can no longer escape our fears while Jupiter retrogrades through Pisces; instead, we have the chance to face them and overcome them, coming out stronger, happier, and more whole on the other side.

If you were born with Jupiter in Pisces

Your Jupiter in Pisces blesses you with a soft soul that is full of compassion and love. You feel very connected to the people that come into your life, no matter how well you know them. You have an innate understanding of people that allows you to sense their feelings without the need for words. Whether it’s offering a shoulder to cry on, being a good listener, or giving heartfelt advice, you feel an obligation to help those who are in pain. This effort you put forth brings you great reward and fulfillment in return.

Even though helping others is one of your greatest strengths, you are most comfortable when you are on your own. Spending too much time around other people can be distracting to you, taking away from the peace you find when you spend time by yourself. You are able to realize more and appreciate more through quiet time and solitude. Just be careful that this alone time is used in healthy ways -- you have a tendency toward escapism, which can lead to harmful habits and addictions. Enjoying time by yourself is a great thing, but if you’re doing so only to avoid your life and responsibilities, you may be walking down a dangerous path...

Your imagination is very strong and you express yourself in creative ways. You are likely drawn toward the arts and find that it’s easier to communicate your feelings through art than through words. With your Jupiter in Pisces, you are also especially connected to animals and nature, experiencing a sense of oneness with all beings.

Love and trust come naturally to you, which is one of the reasons others feel so comfortable around you. However, you are so eager to believe that people are good at heart that you may frequently find yourself being betrayed and deceived. Not everyone is genuine, and some will find it easy to take advantage of your trusting nature through false promises and disloyal relationships. A little discretion on your part can go a long way in protecting your heart.

Jupiter in Pisces:

  • Imaginative
  • Loving
  • Healing
  • Empathetic
  • Artistic
  • Expansive
  • Universal
  • Intuitive
  • Idealistic

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