Neptune Just Turned Direct!

Life gets hazy as nebulous Neptune moves forward

neptune with direct symbol

A fog is rolling in. Nebulous Neptune is the planet of illusion and confusion, and it's been retrograde for the past five months. During this time of clear sight, life has felt all too real. But now, when Neptune goes direct on November 22, 2017, we'll be able to dip back into that lovely fantasy world we prefer to reality.

What are we talking about?

Neptune is the planet that protects us from reality when it's too harsh. Neptune gives us faith, spirituality and dreams. So when it's retrograde we see things very clearly and find it harder to escape. Sure, we may get more accomplished, but it's a bit uncomfortable.

Neptune Direct, on the other hand, gives us a break. It's sort of encouraging us to live in denial and ignore the nagging fears we don't feel quite ready to deal with. But that's OK, because it does inspire our imaginations and gives us faith. It's also a good time to tap into your intuition and reveal your true desires with a Self-Knowledge Tarot reading.

There is a dark side to Neptune Direct, as there is any time you choose fantasy over reality. And that is we may take our escapism too far and delude ourselves into doing the wrong things -- like staying in bad relationships or jobs. But if we try to think a little bit more objectively during the next five months we can avoid that pitfall.

Use this time instead to appreciate your ability to dream and the expressions of compassion you meet. Neptune wants to show you the ideal beauty in the world, and this is your chance to let go and feel your way through it with all your heart.

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