Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra: Attentive, Constructive, and Fair

Sep 5, 2039 – Nov 11, 2041

By Staff

Because Saturn is the last planet in our solar system that can be seen by the naked eye, it represents boundaries and limits. What's more, Saturn is the planet of responsibility, lessons, and hard work. Wherever he is positioned in the cosmos can clue us in to the areas of our lives that require some real attention.

Because Saturn is the last planet in our solar system that can be seen by the naked eye, it represents boundaries and limits. What’s more, Saturn is the planet of responsibility, lessons, and hard work. Wherever he is positioned in the cosmos can clue us in to the areas of our lives that require some real attention.

When Saturn is transiting through Libra, we are called upon to put extra focus on our relationships with others. Saturn is exalted in Libra, which means this planet and sign’s energies work remarkably well together. Practicality, balance, and justice mean a great deal to both Saturn and Libra, so when these two sync up in the sky, we can expect some sobering lessons in these areas of life.

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When Saturn is in Libra

Saturn is the planet that says "no" but means "yes." The "no" comes from Saturn showing us what isn’t working, usually in the form of frustrating blockages or delays. But these aren’t meant to hinder us, they’re meant to help us see where we need to put in effort to make concrete changes.

With Saturn in Libra, these efforts are all about accommodation, meeting others halfway, and recognizing that there are at least two sides to every situation. When we encounter individuals with beliefs that we oppose, it’s an opportunity to keep an open mind and build bridges between us instead of walls of resistance that keep us apart. Relationships have to be put back into balance if they are to remain viable. Maturity, discipline, and commitment allow partnerships to flourish while an immature or self-centered approach will cause them to fall apart.

Saturn’s transit through Libra is a time to challenge ourselves to maintain civil discourse with our adversaries. We don’t have to agree on every single point, nor are we meant to agree with disagreeable people, but we all benefit when we keep lines of communication open, are honest and kind, and treat each another as equals. We certainly shouldn’t abandon our own principles, but it will be equally unhealthy to refuse to listen to opposing ideas. This is about opening a neutral, judgement-free zone that invites cooperation or, at least, reduces the likelihood of conflict.

Oddly enough, the relationships we have with others can be one the greatest ways to learn the truth about ourselves. Examining the role we each play in our 1-on-1 partnerships helps us realize the responsibility we have to maintain cooperation and balance within them. We can be part of the problem or part of the solution. With Saturn in Libra, being the problem will bring us more problems, but being the solution will bring peace, understanding, and reward.

Saturn Retrograde in Libra

Saturn’s retrograde through partnership-oriented Libra is a time to go back and keep working on creating harmonious relationships with others. When there are relationships in our lives that have fallen apart due to disagreement or a lack of balance and understanding, Saturn Retrograde gives us the opportunity to heal old wounds and mend these connections back together.

Saturn Retrograde in Libra is also a time to look at the contradicting energies within ourselves. We often feel pulled between opposing forces -- wanting both freedom and commitment, craving stimulation and security -- and feel we must give up one for the other. But this retrograde is a time to be more open-minded with ourselves and our conflicting needs, which will, in turn, make us less judgmental of others.

If you were born with Saturn in Libra

With your Saturn placed in harmonious Libra, you have great life lessons to learn about balancing and maintaining healthy relationships in your life. You may often feel like you struggle when relating to others -- whether in a loving partnership, a work alliance, or any other 1-on-1 situation. But these struggles aren’t meant to discourage you; they are actually happening in order to teach you. Saturn rewards those who put in the work where it’s necessary. If you recognize and work to address the negative patterns in your partnerships, you can overcome them and end up developing the most loving, equal, and peaceful connections. However, if you continue to make the same decisions and mistakes when relating to others, ignoring Saturn’s lessons, you will continue to be dealt the same outcomes.

You have quite the potential to learn a great deal from your 1-on-1 relationships and for them to help you through life -- but you cannot expect others to do all the heavy lifting. Saturn in Libra calls on YOU to be responsible for your role in your partnerships. The more open you are to the opinions of others and they way they express their love, themselves, and their viewpoints, the smoother these relationships will be and the more joy and benefit they will bring to your life.

Saturn in Libra Traits:

  • Amicable
  • Open-minded
  • Neutral
  • Harmonizing
  • Careful
  • Considerate
  • Agreeable
  • Peaceful
  • Intentional

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