Sun in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn: Ambitious, Responsible, Self-Sufficient

Dec 21, 2024 – Jan 19, 2025

By Staff

Winter arrives in the northern hemisphere when the Sun moves into cool Capricorn. There’s a serious tone about this time of year because it’s when we look for new hope in a time of darkness. Just as the Capricorn symbol of the Mountain Goat climbs higher and higher, most of us will work hard toward bigger and better things during this time.

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by karmic planet Saturn, so when the Sun moves into this sign, we’ll all spend a little time contemplating the karmic lessons from the past year. This transit also urges us come up with new goals and take the first steps toward achieving them. It’s no coincidence that the New Year happens under the Capricorn Sun!

Learn more about how we'll all buckle down when the Sun moves its way through the responsible sign of Capricorn...

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When the Sun is in Capricorn

Things get a little more buttoned up when the Sun moves into conservative Capricorn. Reveal the key to your success during this transit:


Take care of business. This persevering Goat likes to be in control, which helps them stay on track as they climb the ladder of success. Act like a Capricorn by getting organized and planning for the future!


"Do this, don’t do that." Capricorn is known for being bossy, but it’s because they care so much. If you need to take charge and get a little bossy so you can get things done, go ahead while the Capricorn Sun is shining!


Work ... on a Saturday. Capricorn isn’t going to let some silly little thing like the weekend get in the way of everything they’re trying to accomplish. The Sun in Capricorn is an ideal time to put in some extra hours at the office.


A suit and tie. Image is very important to Capricorn, so they like to be dressed perfectly for every occasion. Make a statement with your wardrobe by wearing something that says you’re the boss of whatever you’re doing.


Nothing! Save your money. Capricorn works hard for the money, holding on to things forever and using them until they fall apart. If you do buy something, make sure it’s a quality piece that will last a long time, since that’s what Capricorn would do.


Burnout. Capricorn’s biggest struggle is finding time for fun in the midst of getting things done. Remember to take a break every once in a while and have a few laughs.


Coming out on top! Capricorn is the most masterful zodiac sign, fierce and determined to be the very best at whatever game they play. This transit will help you harness some of that winning Capricorn energy for yourself.

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If you were born with the Sun in Capricorn

There’s a reason that Capricorn has earned a reputation for being the cool, calm, and collected sign of the zodiac! You prefer logic over feeling, and reality to idealism -- getting swept up in emotions or fantasies is not the Capricorn way. One of the reasons people turn to you for advice is because they know you have a more pragmatic approach to life.

"Live long and prosper" should be your motto, Capricorn! You like to set lofty goals for yourself -- and then blow them out of the water. Your dedication and patience coupled with your desire for material wealth and social status is a recipe for success.


It should come as no surprise that as a Capricorn, you look for a love that is as stable as you are. The same high standards you hold yourself to? Well, you expect the same from anyone you’re looking to get romantically involved with. You’re not trying to put anyone through the ringer -- you simply want to make sure they take love as seriously as you do.

You bring the same commitment you display in other areas of your life to your relationships. Despite seeming more in love with work than love itself, you are actually very loving -- one of the reasons you’re so hardworking is so you can provide for your family.


This is where you really shine! Incredibly ambitious, you seek out positions of respect and authority, and won’t be content until you’re sitting pretty in the big corner office. You don’t expect anything to be handed to you -- you have a dogged determination that means persisting no matter how difficult the task, or how much time it takes. Like the Mountain Goat, you’ll keep climbing until you reach the top.

Practical and organized, you make sure that the job doesn’t just get done, it gets done right. Your analytical mind helps you spot every detail, something that helps you find solutions for complex problems. It’s easy to see why Capricorns easily snag promotions!


Your unwavering loyalty makes you a faithful friend even in the toughest of times, Capricorn. You’re a great listener, and can always be counted on to give your friends a dose of sensible perspective (and advice) thanks to your practical nature.

People often mistake your steady Capricorn exterior as being all business all the time -- but that’s not true! You Capricorns have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor that will keep your friends in stitches.

What sets you apart:

You know how to keep your eye on the prize! You have a dedicated focus that helps you continuously strive toward any goal you set for yourself.

Sun in Capricorn traits:
  • Practical
  • Loyal
  • Patient
  • Focused
  • Introverted
  • Determined
  • Realistic
  • Disciplined
  • Resourceful

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