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Uranus in Pisces: Personal, Tumultuous, and Spiritual

Feb 18, 2087 – Apr 28, 2094

By Tarot.com Staff

Uranus is the consummate rebel. This ice giant is the coldest planet in the solar system, even though it's not furthest from the Sun. It spins on its side, and basically does whatever it wants. These rebellious and independent energies are what Uranus brings to a sign when it moves into its zodiacal space.

Deeply emotional and empathetic, the watery currents of Pisces move us toward our truest nature. As the chaos of Uranus dips into Pisces, we can expect deeply impactful changes, shifts, and upheavals. Ripples in our individual and collective waters are coming, and with them new life will be formed.

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When Uranus is in Pisces

Pisces is full of compassion and spirituality. This sign teaches us about the meaning of shared experience, and reminds us that what is felt by one of us, in Pisces, is felt by all. However, human spirituality is a complex thing. As we look to connect with that which is higher than ourselves, many rules and rigid guidelines have emerged in an effort to create clarity on our shared spiritual paths.

So what happens when tumultuous Uranus slides into the Piscean realm of spirituality and human connection? Change is headed our way. Big change. If there's one thing we know about Uranus, it's that this planet loves to break down tradition. Old ways of doing things will be challenged and dusty habits will be questioned. Uranus in Pisces is all about the dissolution of that which no longer serves us, and the creation of space for something new.

It can be easy to be shaken to our cores during this transit. Pisces rules the 12th House of Subconscious. This is where our ego cannot tread. The rules surrounding our spirituality form the threads with which our conscious mind (ego) connects with the shadowy realms of our subconscious. Shaking up these structures can be scary. Now is the time to connect with our higher selves, to remind our egos that they are not in control, and take comfort in knowing that something new and better is on the way.

Uranus Retrograde in Pisces

Uranus' transit through Pisces is slow-moving and typically indicates more of a generational energy rather than personal revolutions. However, when Uranus turns retrograde in Pisces, the flow of energy moves from the external toward the internal, and this rogue planet sets its sights on us as individuals. We are singled-out for personal changes in an unprecedented way.

Uranus Retrograde in Pisces produces a strong need for autonomy. We feel drawn to embody the wild and independent nature of Uranus, especially where it relates to those around us and our spirituality. Our hopes and dreams may shift drastically. The ways we interact with others may become unrecognizable. Our daily needs and expectations may be so foreign to those around us that it can be quite jarring. Spontaneity will be absolutely tantalizing as Uranus encourages us to throw off that which is familiar and explore the chaos of our own natures.

We should take time during this Uranus Retrograde to make conscious efforts toward connecting with those around us. Talking with our loved ones about the changes and shifts we are experiencing can help us ground into our new ways of being. Open up about new inspiration and embrace the changes as they come.

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Natal Uranus in Pisces

Having natal Uranus in Pisces means you are a herald of change. Those around you know that when you come around, change comes with you. Free-wheeling Uranus in Pisces means your subconscious is always on the lookout for how to shake things up.

But don't worry, you're not just some walking chaos-factor. Your Uranus in Pisces nature has a keen eye for making things better. This is why -- even though you are known for bringing the winds of upheaval in your wake -- the wisest people around you will seek out that wind to clear the stagnant energies from their lives and projects.

You are gifted at seeing opportunities through the confusion. Learn to hone this ability and you can be a powerful life coach, business consultant, or investor. Trust your instincts to disregard structure where appropriate, and you can inspire truly new and groundbreaking ways of thinking.

Uranus in Pisces Traits:

  • Profound
  • Mischievous
  • Boundless
  • Rejuvenating
  • Unique
  • Encouraging
  • Restless
  • Wise
  • Imaginative

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