Saturn in Scorpio: Facing Fear

Look within to change and grow...

Saturn in Scorpio: Facing Fear

These are scary times for many of us. Economic and environmental uncertainty, national insecurity, natural disasters, plus the eternal issues of love, hunger, disease, and mortality put knots into the emotional fabric of our lives. We tighten up with fear, pull in, withdraw, contract, and start to shut down when the going gets rough. These are natural responses to threats ... real or imagined.

Saturn, the planet of contraction, will retrograde into scary Scorpio on June 14, 2015. It will spend three months revisiting this misunderstood sign that it just spent more than two years in, challenging us to learn its lessons through our emotions. To see what lessons the planet of limitations is teaching you specifically, try running a Saturn's Lessons report. Scorpio is a Water sign that takes us to the depths of ourselves, not to punish but to generate the power and the desire to do great things. Everyone is courageous in so many little ways that we rarely notice them. It takes courage to love, to live with decency and hope, to get up in the morning and do what you have to do. Recognizing these victories empowers us to face our fears.

Looking inward, growing outward

Looking into ourselves can be scary yet introspection develops the intimacy, passion, and psychological savvy that Scorpio has to offer. Sometimes inappropriate desires, hidden resentments, self-doubt and shame lie in the shadows, yet if we don't pursue these self-made demons ... they will pursue us. Saturn in Scorpio can harness impulses and tame our fears. Start by slowing down your emotional reaction time. Saturn was Kronos to the Greeks, aka Father Time. It breaks unconscious patterns simply by altering the rhythms of our responses. On the other hand, if you're seeking to gain control over your life, establishing regular routines provides the order and structure needed to succeed.

There are, unfortunately, painful experiences in every life. Some are fleeting, some endure. The symbolism of Saturn in Scorpio equips us with tools for going into our dark places and returning in a safe and sane manner. Saturn likes rules so here are some...

1. Trust yourself. Even if you're wrong now, it can still get you to the right place later.

2. Be compassionate, especially with yourself.

3. Take in painful memories in small doses. It's a process and time is your ally if you're patient.

4. Ask for help if you need it and resist pressure from those you don't trust.

5. Love your most unlovable parts because a stream of darkness will dissolve in an ocean of light.

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