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Your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation

The eighth house represents sex, death, and other people’s money.

By Tarot.com Staff

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What is the 8th house in Astrology? The 8th house rules sex, death, taboos, traumas, and fears. It also governs intimate agreements around money and possessions. This is where we cultivate intimacy with others. By exposing ourselves in this way, we are forced to confront our shadows and the things that make us vulnerable. This undertaking inspires a process of transformation toward our true selves.

The zodiac sign that's in the 8th house of your birth chart, along with any planets that occupy it, can reveal a lot about your deepest relationships and your roadblocks to intimacy. Planets that are transiting here will activate these areas of your life and reveal opportunities for transformation.

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8th House Themes

  • Intimacy
  • Sex
  • Secrets and Fears
  • Death
  • Regeneration
  • Shared Money and Possessions

8th House Meaning

The 8th house is a place of depth -- deep bonding, deep sharing, and deep transformation. This is where we go beneath the surface of the relationships that are developed in the 7th House of Partnership and cultivate a more profound intimacy with others. In order to do this, though, we must also establish intimacy with ourselves. The 8th house demands that we dig down to reveal the parts inside us that we’re too scared to share with others.

This is the territory of the subconscious. Your fears, traumas, secrets, and taboos all live here. Once you fully face your shadows, you can reemerge lighter. The 8th house rules death and rebirth. It describes your ability to transform by conquering the darkest parts of yourself. On the other side, you are regenerated, free from the weight of anything that’s not true to who you are. Although this can be a painful process, the rewards are undeniable. This is where you find your power.

Sharing is a key component of intimacy, and the 8th house is where you can find support in sharing your secrets and fears. However, it also includes the sharing of money and possessions. Loans, inheritance, and co-ownership are all governed by this area of your birth chart. It takes a lot of trust to enter into these types of agreements. If a contract or partnership is not built on equal grounds, power imbalances can emerge. Thus, manipulation and abuse are shadow qualities that live here.

The 8th house is about releasing the grips of the past so that you may step freely into the future. If you’re willing to face the discomfort that most of us try so hard to avoid, you can emerge happier, healthier, and more whole on the other side.

Planets in the 8th House

If you have any planets in the 8th house, you may have to dig under the surface to learn more about them. These planets can reveal a lot about intimacy, vulnerability, and transformation.

Here’s a quick overview of planets you might find in your 8th house and the effects they can produce. Not sure which planets are in your 8th house? Find out for FREE now with our Essential Birth Report »Find out now with our Essential Birth Report »

Sun Symbol

Sun: You’re definitely not a shallow person. Your magnetic presence is often felt by others, but you might be a little hard to read at times.

Moon Symbol

Moon: Has anyone ever accused you of being too sensitive? Well, you feel emotions very intensely. Just don’t obsess over them. Intimacy with yourself and others is needed to feel secure and fulfilled.

Mercury Symbol

Mercury: Small talk likely bores you. You have a perceptive mind and a strong curiosity to understand the deeper motivations of others. This makes your words powerful and persuasive.

Venus Symbol

Venus: Your desire for depth and intimacy means you’re not really a casual dater, but try not to create drama just to feel the heat of passion. Fears of betrayal can make you possessive and jealous.

Mars Symbol

Mars: When you’re passionate about something, your drive can get you to the top. You have a powerful sex drive and a strong interest in anything taboo.

Jupiter Symbol

Jupiter: When there’s a problem to solve, you’re the one to call. Your powerful intuition and keen perception make you a great researcher, lawyer, or detective.

Saturn Symbol

Saturn: You might not do so well with change, but don’t make letting go harder than it needs to be. Resistance only makes growth more uncomfortable.

Uranus Symbol

Uranus: Your comfort with changing things up and exposing the truth may make others uneasy at times, but that’s not going to stop you.

Neptune Symbol

Neptune: There’s an intuitive nature about you, perhaps even to the point of being psychic. This can distort who you trust in intimate relationships, especially around shared property or finances.

Pluto Symbol

Pluto: Your soul has patterns of depending on external sources of power, be it relationships or resources. You’re being asked to eliminate these limitations and find the power within yourself.

Chiron Symbol

Chiron: Loss, abuse, or manipulation in the early home environment may make it difficult to get close to or trust others, especially when it comes to shared resources and deep intimacy.

North Node Symbol

North Node: It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Eliminate your attachments to what you know and cultivate deeper intimacy with yourself and others.

South Node Symbol

South Node: Depending on others for money and security limits your sense of self-worth. You’re being called to put down old stories of powerlessness and become self-reliant.

Transits in the 8th House

When a planet transits the 8th house of your birth chart, it exposes your vulnerabilities. This is the universe's way of illuminating how you can heal and transform into your best self. Still, what transpires will depend on the planet that's transiting and the ways it's interacting with the rest of your birth chart.

For example, if Venus is transiting your 8th house, issues concerning romantic intimacy could come to the forefront, or you might enter a shared financial arrangement with someone. If it's Mars transiting your 8th house, sexual intimacy might be on the table, potentially bringing up shame or vulnerability in this regard. When the Moon transits your 8th house each month, your emotions may intensify, and you might feel like keeping to yourself for a few days. Knowing when planets are transiting your 8th house allows you to brace yourself while remaining open to these powerful moments of change.

The 8th house is a demanding and powerful place, and it sets us up perfectly for the 9th house, a realm of limitless expansion!

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