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Saturn Trine Neptune: State of Grace

By Jeff Jawer

No matter the results of the U.S. Presidential Election, there are planetary indications that there is a silver lining regardless of the outcome.

It's true we are in the early stages of what could be the most transformational astrological pattern of the young millennium. The seven stressful squares of radical Uranus and repressive Pluto will continue into 2015, increasing the likelihood of profound changes on a global level. Some may be scary, but others could bring breakthroughs in consciousness that awaken humanity to more creative forms of expression. Still, these are shaky times for many of us.

You can calm your nerves about the year ahead with insight from an Astrology Big Picture Yearly Forecast. And fortunately, we may be in a state of grace thanks to three favorable alignments with Saturn, the planet of reality, and Neptune, the planet of dreams. The two began a series of harmonious 120-degree trines last month that will recur in June and July next year. Saturn is now in Scorpio, a no-nonsense sign that's about getting down to core issues. This two-year transit began last month, and it may challenge us to face uncomfortable emotional, financial and environmental issues.

Saturn-Neptune connections provide spiritual support

Yes, I get that this doesn't sound like good news. However, the ringed planet's positive aspects with compassionate Neptune in Pisces provide a cushion of faith and spiritual support that helps us through the darkest of times.

Avoiding challenges in life is impossible. Stress is part of existence and it cannot be avoided. How we respond to these demands, though, is where we do have some room to maneuver. These Saturn-Neptune connections can help us to avoid getting panicky and going to extremes. Perhaps you feel that those who don't share your political values are already beyond hope. Their beliefs may be so different from yours and their behavior so repellent that finding a middle ground of understanding seems impossible. This seems reasonable, but is not useful for personal and collective healing.

Grace is something we are both given and that we create. It is about putting whatever we feel into a large enough container to overcome the extremes of opposition that generate more intolerance and conflict. This isn't about sacrificing principles -- it is about stretching emotional reactions so we are not limited by our base responses to them. While it's all too easy to demonize others in public and private matters, grace allows us to put ourselves in more conscious states of mind -- places where harmony has a chance to take root.

Inner peace is the highest grace note of all

Saturn in Scorpio is about life and death issues, yet it now has access to the broader seas of Neptune in Pisces, where all different kinds of fishes swim. When we slow down our base reactions to those we hate, we begin making peace with ourselves, which is the highest grace note of all.

I'm not suggesting that I am immune to anger over big issues and annoyance over petty ones. Yet every occasion when fear rises up in my belly, and when I'm inclined to attack or grow defensive, is an opportunity to slow down. It's a reminder to take a deep breath and make a little space before acting badly or darkening my mind with negative judgment. Being kind and understanding isn't difficult when times are easy; it's when pressure builds that they are needed most.

The only way to avoid being a loser or making others losers in this election or in any other conflict in life is to enlarge the circle with a broader perspective, or at least a less charged one. Presidents and other leaders appear to have power, yet none has the power to control your mind and rule your heart. The real freedom available to all of us, whether imprisoned by anger or confined by circumstance, is in our perceptions and what we do with them. No politician, police force, army, corporation, church or government can trespass on these most critical choices. Let the highest wisdom and most generous spirit in each guide them.

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