Stuck in Our Ruts

How the universe is helping us break free

blue man

Have you ever felt like a certain kind of strangulation is holding you back in life? Almost as if there's some kind of imaginary noose tied around your neck, preventing you from making the changes you want to make. And it makes you angry -- so angry -- because you desperately want to make changes. Yet you remain deeply entrenched in the patterns you know are holding you back from your future. Essentially, you're stuck in a rut of your own creation and because you can't manage to come unglued from it, you're coming undone.

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Why are we our own worst enemies?

Why do we stay in situations that we know aren't good for us -- even toxic? Usually, fear-based paralysis is a primitive attempt to convince ourselves we're in a state of security. But really, when we act from this place we're just sitting ducks.

Letting go of what we're used to, but what we also know is poisonous to our soul, is never easy. Some of you may continue to crawl into bed each night and sleep next to a partner you once loved, but who is now a perfect stranger. The relationship has died but you can't seem to face the truth of it.

To do that, you would need to confront a big, bad wolf inside your heart that would force you to acknowledge something has died and needs to be grieved. You would have to endure the physical ending of the relationship ... and ultimately learn how to crawl into bed again each night and sleep alone.

The funny part is, if you're in a dead relationship you're fooling yourself every night your head hits that pillow. You're already sleeping alone.

Maybe it's not an outworn relationship. Perhaps for you it's the gnawing unhappiness of going through the motions, waking up every day to perform a job you hate because you have to earn that paycheck. The job makes you miserable for a variety of reasons and ultimately cuts away at your capacity to feel joy. But you stay because if you don't -- how will the electric bill get paid? What about your rent or mortgage? The car payment?

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Why do you justify your misery?

Because it grants you a steady paycheck. You remain in this job because the alternative -- to possibly go after your real calling in life -- is either impractical or too scary for you to imagine. Besides, if you did, gosh you'd just be nuts, right?

But if you're working in a situation that makes you this unhappy, it will bleed into every other facet of your life creating an imbalance. This disparity is so bad it renders you incapable of enjoying the physical world around you that your paycheck buys.

We silly humans have a way of prostituting ourselves in a variety of ways, and justifying it because it's a kind of prostitution that fits in with societies rules. After all, it's security right?

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The price we pay

We paralyze ourselves. We all have situations in life that we know must change and yet we continue to remain fixed in them.

Well, don't worry, your outer planet transits are sure to come to the rescue like caped crusaders. They will force change in your world, pulling you away from whatever unhealthy situation it is you insist on remaining attached to.

The universe knows when we humans are stuck in our ruts -- and when it's time to pry us away from them. Get any cosmic wake-up calls lately? I need to stop ignoring mine. I'm pretty sure you can relate.

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