My Wandering Venus

Watch what happens when Venus returns

My Wandering Venus

For the first time in almost 10 years I'm traveling far enough to need a passport. In fact, I had to renew my passport for the occasion. Yes, I am thrilled. My Sagittarius Moon is tickled pink at the prospect of being able to explore new territory AND to have the freedom to do it.

My kids are with my ex-husband for spring break and I'm going to St. Martin to enjoy a few days of fun in the Caribbean Sun. Holla!

Can you imagine my surprise when I realized that my travel dates just so happen to coincide with my Venus Return. This is an important indicator for love matters, and you can get your own personal Big Picture Love Forecast to find out what important romantic turning points are coming up for you.

OK, let me back up. You might be scratching your head right now wondering where my Venus thinks she's going. Allow me to explain ...

About planetary returns

You might be familiar with your Solar Return -- the exact moment each year when the Sun in the sky reaches the exact position it was in at the time of your birth. This is a special event each year and it sets up a temporary themed chart that explains volumes about what significant energy patterns might make up your next year. I work with Solar Returns during every client session and I have found them to be incredibly accurate.

But the Sun is not the only planet that returns to its natal position. Every year or so Mercury and Venus in the sky will make a conjunction to your natal Mercury or Venus. Every two years Mars does the same thing. Every 12 years Jupiter returns to its natal placement, and every 29 years or so it's Saturn's turn. If you live to be 84 you'll even get a Uranus Return!

You would read a return chart the same way you read a birth chart, except this chart is only active until the next planetary return. Return charts are meaningful tools to add to your astrological toolbox. They add depth of flavor -- kind of like the difference between cooking a pot of soup using canned broth versus taking the time to make a homemade stock first.

Your Venus Return affects love and money

When it comes to love and money, Venus is the place to look. Yes, transits, progressions and eclipses to your natal Venus will be the major markers to look out for in anticipation of a major shift in money and romantic matters. But to add even more depth of flavor to your analysis, it's a good idea to look at your Venus Return chart each year.

If you happen to be ruled by Venus (Sun or Ascendant in Taurus or Libra) then a Venus Return will be even more sensitive for you.

My Sun is in Taurus. My Venus Return is always a big deal. Always.

Return charts are cast for the location you are in when you have the actual return. I typically cast it for my hometown because, where else would I be? Well, this year there's an interesting change in the air because during my Venus Return on March 25 I'll be in Grand Case, St. Martin. Once I made this happy discovery I felt a sense of kismet stir in my soul. Surely, this vacation is happening when it is is destined. But how are the charts different? And what, exactly, does it mean for me in terms of love and money for the coming year?

Well, no matter where I am for the return, there is a tight stellium (group of planets together) between Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Mars in Aries. All of these planets make a supportive link to Jupiter. Having the Sun and Venus conjunct in a Venus Return symbolizes an extra special year in terms of finances and romance. So either way that pattern appears to be fated.

Why it looks to be a money-making year ...

What does change due to the different location is that now, instead of this stellium being in my 3rd House of Communication and short distance travel, it'll be in my 2nd House of Earned Income. The 3rd house symbolism still fits because I do earn a chunk of my income from writing and teaching. According to my Venus Return, that will continue to grow over the next year. Having this stellium in my 2nd house basically adds to the money making OOMPH of the Venus Return.

What I really love about the change of charts, though, is that in my "home" chart Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant and Uranus and Mars square Pluto on the Ascendant. To me, that is not a pretty combination. Now, with the St. Martin chart, Pluto is tucked way into my 12th House of Spirituality, possibly diluting the tension these nasty squares make. In the St. Martin chart, my Venus Return Ascendant is in early Aquarius and happens to form an exact sextile to the Sun and Venus.

Sudden, hidden expenses are a hallmark of this Venus Return chart, so although I'll be making considerably more money, I'll need to make smart investments and save because I may have at least one major aggravating expense to deal with.

Now, in terms of love ...

When the ruler of the Ascendant (also called your Rising sign) and Descendant in a Venus Return chart aspect one another in a friendly way, it does suggest that partnership may be coming together that year. Whether I look at my "home" chart or my "vacation" chart this is the case. Also, it appears that Jupiter is on the cusp of my 5th House of Romance. Because Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Mars all connect nicely to Jupiter, that bodes well for true love this year.

In the "home" chart Jupiter is comfortably wedged in the 5th house, so these aspects are also active.

Believe it or not, I am not an astrologer who advocates relocating just to get one of your return charts to look better. I feel strongly that if you're meant to go through a cycle or experience, you cannot escape it. It will show in the transits, progressions and eclipses. The return chart simply adds more depth to help flesh out the storyline.

Even though the differences are subtle, it does seem as if the Venus Return in St. Martin is a bit kinder when it comes to how the planets are arranged. Maybe my Venus just needed a vacation this year. Overall however, the themes for me in terms of love and money remain the same whether I stay home and drink wine on my couch or sip frozen drinks on the beach in St. Martin.

This will be my first experience with consciously tracking a relocated return in my own life and I look forward to taking notes. After all, I am a work in progress. Aren't we all?

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