Zodiac Element Water

The Meaning of Water Signs

The energy of the Water element, and the traits of Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

By Maria DeSimone

Water quenches the thirst of every life form, whether plant or animal. It cleanses and purifies. Most of our planet consists of water.

Our bodies are primarily water. It’s the stuff tears are made of. Even life-giving blood is mostly water. Astrologically, the element of Water exemplifies the variety of bottomless emotion and feeling responses we’re capable of expressing as humans.

The feeling nature is at least partly unconscious, and that’s a vital piece of information to help us understand the Water element. What’s interesting about the Water signs are that all of them have an acute awareness of the potency behind the unconscious while also being primarily driven by what they, themselves, are unconscious of.

What are the Water signs?

The three Water signs of the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Each one expresses the qualities of the Water element in a different way.

1. Cancer (June 20 -- July 22)

Cancer will express the element of Water to pursue emotional security and to nurture and protect that to which it feels most deeply connected.

2. Scorpio (Oct 22 -- Nov 21)

Scorpio will channel the element of Water in ways that encourage deep saturation of, and comfort with, emotional power.

3. Pisces (Feb 18 -- Mar 20)

Pisces will showcase the element of Water by extending the deepest empathy and healing to everything that suffers.

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Water sign traits

Without a doubt, the Water element is the most sensitive and intuitive. This element is capable of nourishing our souls through a deep, psychic understanding of what makes us operate. The element of Water is in touch with the source of creation and can sense that we, too, are a part of this divine birthplace. Water signs are incredibly empathic and can feel the emotions of others.

Water signs can also drown in another person’s emotional abyss if they're not careful, because water has no boundaries. It soaks into us. The element of Water can conform to the elements around it. When it comes in contact with fire, it creates steam; with earth, it creates mud; and with air, it creates rain.

Water has no shape or permanent ability to remain solid. For this reason, water functions at its best when allowed to remain fluid. In fact, the power of water should not be underestimated. Water can extinguish fire, wash away earth, and saturate the atmosphere so completely that it stops wind in its tracks.

Putting this into an astrological context, we can see that water has unlimited emotional depth and is self-contained. Water is also self-protective. If provoked, it won’t lose a battle with any other element. It prefers to do whatever it takes to guard itself from outside influences. This guarantees a serene place for personal reflection and insight.

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