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Your Moon Sign's Relationship to Your Mother

What your Moon sign reveals about your mom

By Maria DeSimone

One of the lesser-known facts about Astrology is that your birth chart can reveal a significant amount of information not only about you, but also about your parents and the psychological imprint they left on your soul. The Moon, in particular, can indicate your relationship with your mother.

It’s no wonder Carl Jung, and countless other psychologists, routinely used (and still use) Astrology as a tool to help aid in their analysis of patients. An Astrology birth chart, properly interpreted, can help you learn how to maximize your potential while teaching you how to overcome your challenges. And in between all of this it explains, in great depth, more about your "mommy and daddy issues" than you’d expect.

How the Moon illuminates your relationship with your mom

The Moon in Astrology represents your emotions and habit patterns. It will tell you a great deal about your instinctual nature, but will also give you valuable information about your mother and how you related to her. Your Moon sign, the house in which it’s placed in your birth chart, and the aspects the Moon makes to other planets in your chart will describe an incredibly detailed story that tells the tale of how you experienced your mother in your life.

Let’s say you were born with the Moon in Gemini in the 9th house of your chart. You might have related to your mom as someone who was intellectually insatiable, always reading and learning -- possibly even teaching. She was definitely always busy -- maybe even too busy at times to pay enough attention to you. The intellectual experiences of your mom might have been focused on religious, spiritual, or metaphysical matters (9th house). She might have literally been a professor or a published author, or someone who loved to travel.

Take another birth chart, with a different Moon and house placement -- the Moon in Taurus in the 1st house. This person might have experienced Mom as stubbornly independent (Taurus and the 1st house) or extremely concerned with self-preservation and taking care of the physical needs of herself and her children. Perhaps this person’s mother also encouraged him or her to express feelings rather than bottle them up (because the Moon is in the 1st house and all 1st-house planets are visible).

There’s an endless amount of wealth stored in your chart, so why not explore your internal relationship to your mother using your Astrology chart so you can not only better appreciate her, but understand the emotional impact she had on you.

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