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Healing After a Breakup Using Feng Shui

Using the ancient art of placement to overcome romantic loss

By Sally Philips

Regardless of whether you wanted to break up or not -- whether it was a long time coming or a sudden shock -- you've lost a love you once treasured and now you've got some recovering to do. One of the best ways to help your heart heal is to use Feng Shui , the ancient Chinese art of placement, to transform your space into a more nurturing environment.

Start by getting personalized insight into your breakup, then follow these Feng Shui tips to help heal your heart.

Clear the energy

Start your healing process by getting rid of the junk that's cluttering up your world. Of course, the memorabilia from your relationship must be the first to go, but don't stop there. Feng Shui is based on the free flow of chi or positive energy, and clutter makes that impossible. So fill up boxes and haul your unwanted items to a thrift store or charity, or recycle them. Then, regardless of the season, do a thorough spring cleaning. Polish, scrub and vacuum until the whole place shines.

Next, you need to cleanse your space of any negative energy that might be hanging around. Perhaps you've been sad for a while, or you argued in your relationship, or maybe it ended in a firey brawl. That negative energy -- called sha chi -- could be stuck in the place where you live or work. To help clean out this dark, heavy energy, pick up a sage smudging stick at your local health food store. Light it and walk around, letting the smoke fill each area to purify the air. When you are finished, put your stick out by running it under water. Then open all of your windows and let fresh air in. Open your drapes or shades and let the sun pour in too.

The final step in your space cleansing is to fill it with positive energy by broadcasting your intention, which chi will naturally follow. You can choose how you want to do this ... anything from silent meditation to a rip-roaring chant will work. The important thing is to let your inner self and the world know you are ready to move on. Spend time in each room and allow your confident, positive vibes to fill the space. This step alone could make a huge difference in your new life.

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Where the magic happens...

Now, move on to your bedroom, the most intimate place in your home. Your goal is to create a space that comforts you and makes you feel as if you deserve love, because you do! If a TV, computer, or exercise equipment snuck into your bedroom during your failed relationship, or at any other time, move them out, or at least cover them at night. This space needs to be all about relaxing and sleeping.

If you can afford it, buy a new mattress and headboard. Choose wood or upholstery for the headboard, the best Feng Shui elements for the bedroom. In any case, buy a new set of sheets and a new duvet cover. Whatever you can do to revitalize your sleeping place will be a wise investment.

Keep the bed balanced by placing nightstands on both sides. Don't be fooled into thinking you don't need one on the other side from where you sleep, especially if your intention is to attract a new partner into your life. Your nightstands don't have to match, so be creative if you don't have two alike. Even a large cardboard box with a pretty scarf draped over it will do! Painting your bedroom might be a wise move too. Muted skin colors are always best for the bedroom. Choose any soft tone from a rosy blush, to a rich mocha, to a yummy ecru.

The very best element for healing the heart is rose quartz, so pick up a hanging crystal and place it in a corner of your bedroom or in a window where it will reflect beautiful rainbows around the room. A bowl of polished rose quartz pebbles near the bed will be nourishing too, or put a pair of heart-shaped crystals in the southwest area to symbolize two happy hearts in love. And don't forget to clean all of your crystals from time to time.

Give your bedroom's artwork a facelift. Choose restful images that inspire you, like beautiful landscapes. No water scenes, however, since water is a Feng Shui no-no for bedrooms. Create soft lighting and use candles at night. Finally, use a kua number calculator to determine your lucky direction. If possible, place your bed so your head is in that direction when you sleep.

Get advice on overcoming heartache and finding happiness again »

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