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10 Tips for Improving Your Health

Relieve aches and pains with this ancient Eastern practice

By Stephanie Dempsey

Feng Shui practitioners treat the home as symbolic of its owner's health -- mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Whether you're dealing with nagging aches or a serious health problem, you can find relief through this ancient practice.

With just a few simple adjustments, you can boost your energy, improve your spirits, and ease your pain...

Clean up your act

One of the best ways to strengthen your health is to clean your home from top to bottom. If this job is too daunting for you, begin with a single closet. The more progress you make, the more energized you will feel. As soon as one job is finished, you'll take on another. After you've removed the clutter from one space, cleanse it with soap, water and any other agents that will leave your place fresh and sparkling. Keep in mind that dust and dirt are manifestations of poor health. Once you clear them away, your eyes will shine, your skin will glow and you'll project radiant energy.

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Stairway to health

If your front door opens to a staircase, your health could be compromised. Life-giving energy will rush quickly down the stairway and head straight out the door, leaving you tired and listless. To correct this problem, hang a large faceted crystal from a 9-inch red ribbon between the door and the staircase. (A handsome crystal chandelier will work well, too.) Prisms draw light in and then disperse it throughout a space, radiating life-giving energy to every corner.

Door of opportunity

Feng Shui offers a wonderful opportunity to improve your health by paying special attention to your front door. The door represents the mouth of your home; it is through here that all vibrant energy passes. Therefore, you want to keep all the entrances in your home in good working order, particularly your front door. Make sure your main entrance is clean and well-lit. Oil the hinges regularly, and install new locks if your key sticks in the door. You'll feel much more energetic as a result.

Sunrise, sunset

Lighting has a very important impact on your health. If you're overweight, depressed or uninspired, you nmeed to add lights to your home. Use full-spectrum bulbs throughout, and install overhead lights in every room. Check to see if each room has windows on at least two sides. If not, hang a mirror on one of the walls without a window, and position it so it reflects the natural light. In the event you're suffering from burnout, anxiety or rage, you need to reduce the light in your home. Cover south and east facing windows with heavy curtains. Put overhead lights on a dimmer switch. A variety of light sources -- ambient, task and accent -- can also help. When your temper starts to mount, turn off the overhead light and turn on a table lamp.

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Keep current

Outdated newspapers, magazines and periodicals can manifest themselves as excess weight, depression or poor circulation. Rid your home of dated materials on a weekly basis. If there's a magazine or newspaper you want to keep for posterity, store it in a decorative box. Reduce clutter by clipping interesting stories and pictures and putting them into a scrapbook.

It's not easy being green

If you have a hard time keeping plants alive, it's a sign you need to take better care of yourself. First get rid of any dying plants. Don't buy any more until you take steps to improve your health. Consult a nutritionist to find ways to improve your diet. Meet with a personal trainer. Listen to relaxation recordings before going to sleep. After making simple adjustments to your routine, you'll be able to maintain healthy plants throughout your home.

Face the door

Having your back to the door can compromise your health, as this position increases your anxiety. Ideally, your stove, desk and bed should be placed so you clearly can see the room's entrance without being in its direct line. If this isn't possible, hang a mirror so you can see who enters and exits the space. Nervous conditions like headaches, back strains and stomachaches can subside after making these adjustments.

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Clear conduits

Blocked or broken passageways can result in major health problems with your circulatory, respiratory, digestive or nervous systems. If you suffer from infertility or colitis, check your sewage system for obstructions. Bladder, kidney and urinary tract infections can be the result of rusted or leaking pipes. In the event you suffer from asthma or emphysema, clean the air ducts, vents and filters of your heating and cooling system.

The body electric

If you suffer insomnia, anxiety or chronic headaches, check your electrical system. Broken lamps, frayed wires or blown fuses are signs that your nervous system is being unduly taxed. Relieve the pressure by fixing these problems. If you're continually blowing circuits, you may need to rewire your home. Granted, this will cost money, but consider this outlay an investment in your health.

Flower power

Treating yourself to fresh cut flowers once or twice a week can boost your health. That's because they keep you focused on the here-and-now. Constantly dwelling on the past or making plans for the future can cause you to lose touch with your body. By adopting a more Zen-like attitude, your health will improve and you'll enjoy each moment to the fullest.

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