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10 Tips for a Successful New Year

Attract positive energy to start the New Year right

By Stephanie Dempsey

The New Year marks a fresh start. Make the most of this auspicious time by implementing a few Feng Shui cures! The beauty of Feng Shui is that it is quick, simple, and effective. You may not be able to lose 10 pounds overnight, but you can get the scale moving in the right direction with just a few of these simple adjustments.

Clean up your act

Don't wait until spring to launch a massive cleaning effort. By cleaning your abode from top to bottom in preparation for the New Year, you'll wash away any negative energy. Be especially attentive to your kitchen, as this room governs your ability to cultivate good health and impressive wealth.

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3 is a magic number

Feng shui experts view 3 as a magic number, as it embodies growth and creativity. Squaring the number 3 is even more auspicious. Therefore, if you want to experience a fabulously fortunate New Year, move 27 objects in your home. The objects could be as big as a sofa or as small as a cologne bottle. The important thing is to move 27 items with the intention of improving your luck.

Fill your wallet

Start the year right with a big, fat wallet. Get 27 crisp, new dollar bills from the bank and put them inside. This will set the trend for a prosperous New Year. Spice things up by sprinkling ground ginger on the outside and inside of your billfold. Ginger is a stimulant, and will attract new sources of income to you.

Sweeten the pot

Fill your sugar bowl and canisters to the brim with sweetener on New Year's Day. This will make it easier to enjoy all of the good fortune that will come your way in the months ahead.

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Set the proper tone

The first words you say in the New Year will set the tone for next twelve months. Therefore, you should prepare a little speech to utter at the stroke of midnight. "Health, wealth and happiness for all" is a good choice, as is "Thank you for all the prosperity ahead."

Make noise

Loud noises are thought to scare away malevolent influences. Therefore, be sure to make a big racket on New Year's Day, if only for a couple of seconds. Blast the stereo, bang some pots and pans or toot a toy horn. Your neighbors may grumble, but you'll be sitting pretty!

Orange you glad it's the New Year?

Because of their resemblance to the Sun, oranges represent prosperity. Put a bowl of 9 oranges on your kitchen table on January 1 as a means to summon all of that positive, life-giving energy.

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Soak up negative energy

If you're getting over a troubled relationship or need to find a new job, sprinkle sea salt around the interior perimeter of your home. Let the salt stand overnight, and then vacuum it up the next day. Imagine yourself beginning a happier, healthier life as you vacuum. When you are finished, throw the vacuum bag into an outdoor garbage can.

Find a new job (and get a new bod)

People often put off job searches until after the New Year. If you'd like to get a head start on the competition, get rid of 27 objects you no longer use or need. You can donate these things to charity, throw them in the trash, or sell them for a profit -- it's up to you. The key is to make room in your home for new energy. There's an added bonus to getting rid of stuff: weight loss! When you get rid of dead weight in your home, it starts falling off your body, too.

Find a new love

If you're in the market for love, you can find it in the coming year by absorbing more western energy. Make it a habit to pause and watch the sunset at least three times a week. By maintaining a positive attitude and a hopeful heart, you could be planning your wedding at this time next year!

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