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Feng Shui FAQs

Start changing the flow of energy in your life through the art of Feng Shui
Tarot.com Staff

Defined as the ancient art of Chinese placement, Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is a powerful means to build the life you've always wanted. Feng Shui practitioners believe that our living and working environments reflect our personal strengths and challenges ... and that by making these environments inviting, stimulating, and comfortable, we can attract romance, generate wealth and even land a dream job!

How does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui provides blueprints and advice for creating the proper the flow of energy in your space. It uses colors, symbols, flowers and furniture placement to create a smooth pathway for chi in a home, office or even retail space. Negative energy is removed or counteracted in order to encourage auspicious energy and welcome progress. Colors and shapes related to the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) are used to enhance movement, balance and protection. Home accents such statues, photographs and paintings are carefully chosen and placed to promote positive energy.

Can anyone practice Feng Shui?

Anyone can use Feng Shui for increased prosperity, success and happiness without special tools or years of education. Contemporary Feng Shui is very flexible, and very personal. If you have a particular religious practice, you can it into your Feng Shui rituals (or not). While some Feng Shui practices incorporate Buddhist chanting, you can do Feng Shui using your own meditation techniques (or none at all).

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What is the ba gua?

The Feng Shui map is known as the ba gua (ba: eight; gua: area). It indicates which areas of your life are governed by particular areas of your living or work space. The ba gua is usually depicted as an octagon with eight sections surrounding a central area. Each area corresponds to a different aspect of your life. Every space has its own ba gua; there is a ba gua for land, house, and even one for each room within your home or apartment.

How do I practice Feng Shui if I live with roommates?

Focus your Feng Shui on your bedroom first and foremost. Any changes you make to your personal space will have the strongest impact on you. But you should also consider your entire apartment as well. Think of your apartment as being divided into shared and private spaces. Areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom might be shared while your roommates' bedrooms would be off limits. Use this information to help you decide which areas in your personal space need a little extra attention to counteract blocked energy elsewhere.

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Do I have to de-clutter my home before I can start practicing Feng Shui?

A disorganized home means that you are living in an area full of inauspicious energy. Feng Shui works by attracting and directing positive energy through your home. So, dealing with your clutter before you start incorporating Feng Shui will guarantee better results with a lot less effort.

How do I incorporate Feng Shui into my current design scheme?

It isn't mandatory you use traditional Feng Shui cures (bamboo flutes, red tassels, wind chimes and more) in your home. Just try to understand why they are recommended, then look for something else you can use instead. Pick something that suits both your personal taste and current home décor.

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I live in a very small apartment. How can I practice Feng Shui in such a limited space?

Too many possessions in a small area can make practicing Feng Shui a bit of a challenge. Be creative about ways to consolidate space. Also, see if you can place your bed across from the door in what's called a "command position." If that won't work, try using a mirror so that you can see a reflection of the doorway while you are lying in bed.

How do I get started?

The cornerstone of Feng Shui is intention. By stating your intention to live a happier, healthier life, you have already taken a significant step toward your dream. The detailed advice included in this report will give you further instructions on how to turn this dream into a living reality. All that is required of you is faith and a willingness to experiment. Tarot.com offers a customized Feng Shui guide that's created specifically for each individual based on their personal birth chart. It's extremely comprehensive and easy-to-use.

Get FREE advice on using Feng Shui to attract what you want »Find out how YOU can use Feng Shui to attract what you want »