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February 2012 Career Horoscope

Working for a Higher Purpose

While forward progress can be made professionally this month, there's still a lot of backtracking that may slow it down. Mars, the action planet, is in the work sign Virgo, which usually increases productivity. However, Mars turned retrograde on January 23 and will stay in reverse until mid-April. This is likely to increase complications with details, methods and systems, requiring extra effort to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished tasks.

If additional training would be beneficial to your career, this is a good period to get it. The challenge is to make sure that it's specific enough to be of immediate value, but not so narrow and specialized that it won't be useful in a year or two.

Possible new sources of income may begin to emerge when attractive Venus moves into pioneering Aries on February 7. The upside of this transit includes fresh moneymaking opportunities and professional connections. There's a temptation, though, to make quick decisions about investments of time and energy and about people. While intuition may be helpful, backing it up with some research to verify your impulses is a prudent idea.

Idealism is also a factor now with the Sun in Aquarius and Pisces this month. Both signs are aware that working for a higher purpose can be satisfying and personally rewarding. The division between the practical matter of earning an income and helping the world may be reduced. Charitable activities, in fact, can lead to desirable connections that can advance career interests.