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June 2012 Taurus Career Horoscope

Increase your value

This month could be weird when it comes to money because your alluring ruling planet Venus is still moving backward until June 27. This occurs in your 2nd House of Resources, keeping you on your toes about your income and assets. Do not take any financial short-cuts by buying cheap equipment, investing in second rate training or getting involved in any get rich quick schemes.

This is, though, a productive period for rethinking your financial goals and digging into your personal history to recover underused or forgotten talents. The energizing Sun is also in your 2nd House of Resources until June 20, providing additional sources of income or ways to increase your value to others. Flexibility and a willingness to explore new ways to make money are helpful.

Letting go of a financial partner or close professional ally is associated with the Lunar Eclipse on June 4 that falls in your 8th House of Shared Resources. This occurs in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius, so be careful when dealing with people who make big promises but lack the means or the follow-through to fulfill them.

Don't let your hopes lead you to make statements that you can't live up to, either. Serious Saturn turns forward in your 6th House of Work on June 25, which isn't going to change much immediately, but should slowly put you on a more productive path. Working well with others is a key to cashing in on this responsible planet's power, as it's in the cooperative sign of Libra.