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January 2012 Pisces Love Horoscope

Love without limits

There is a very significant astrological pattern that can brighten your personal life this month. Alluring Venus, the planet of love, enters your tender sign on January 14. This increases your appeal, making you more attractive to others and (hopefully) more pleased with yourself.

Traditional Astrology considers Venus to be very powerful in spiritual Pisces. This is a symbol of unconditional love and limitless romance. Your imagination and fantasy life will be warmed by images of perfect love. The risk, though, is that you can overlook reality and misinterpret others during this transit. Your desire to see beauty in everyone may blind you to some serious flaws in a current partner or a potential new one. Balancing that idealism with a dash of common sense makes an ideal formula for favorable relationships. You can be kind and generous without being foolish, which is particularly important with passionate Mars in your 7th House of Partners.

On January 9 the Full Moon in emotional Cancer lands in your 5th House of Romance, intensifying feelings beyond reason. The upsides include awakening to your needs and getting plenty of attention. The downside, though, is becoming overly dramatic. On January 23 Mars stops dead in its tracks and begins moving backwards in your 7th House of Partners. This may cause some delays in partnerships, yet it might also offer you a chance to go back and deal with unfinished business. Being as specific as you can about old issues helps you clean them up and lets you to move forward in a better state of mind.