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Januaray 2012 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Let love flow

Your relationship luck is likely to change midway through the month. Alluring Venus leaves quirky Aquarius and your inner-directed 4th House of Roots and enters imaginative Pisces and your 5th House of Romance on January 14. This usually makes you more appealing to others, especially if you can lower your level of intensity and learn to go with the flow.

The passion that normally motivates your behavior doesn't need to be so strong for you to get what you want (or to avoid what you don't want). Pisces is about faith and Venus' position here represents your willingness to open your heart and give generously without being too concerned about what you get back in return. In other words: stop keeping score. It can be a great relief to just relax and express yourself without being too serious about the outcome.

The 5th House of Romance is playful, so you will be rewarded when you smile more and worry less. Fantasy can motivate you to fall in love with someone who may not be all you expect him or her to be. It can also revive warm feelings in your current relationship. Taking the time to create a romantic environment is worth the trouble now because the experience of opening your heart can take you to the essence of love.

On January 23, though, your ruling planet Mars shifts into reverse and will be moving backward until April. This can make you more shy or reluctant to take risks. It might also spur thoughts about the past that revive hope that an old partnership could be brought back to life.