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May 2012 Taurus Horoscope

Back to the Future

Reconsidering the past may be just as important for you as looking forward this month. Your ruling planet, Venus, slips into retrograde on May 15 and travels backward in your 2nd House of Income until June 27. This challenges you to put your financial house in order, reduce your debt and manage your resources more effectively.

The love planet's reversal can revive romantic memories, provoking nostalgia and a desire to reconnect with someone from your past. This retrograde cycle also stirs your interest in talents and abilities that you may not have fully developed, yet a little remedial work can sharpen these skills faster than you think.

The Full Moon in mysterious Scorpio on May 5 shines its powerful light in your 7th House of Partners, and could bring simmering relationship issues to a boil. This is an emotionally charged time when resentment or jealousy may erupt. However, it's also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your personal and professional relationships so you can clarify what you need and then concentrate on getting it.

You receive a major boost to your self-esteem and your hopes for the future on May 13 when the Sun joins lucky Jupiter in dependable Taurus. Still, no matter how certain you are about what you want and where you're going, you may need to adjust and make some compromises to reach your destination. The Sun's entry into multitasking Gemini on May 20 occurs in your 2nd House of Self Esteem, keeping fiscal issues on the front burner. Just a few hours later, the Gemini New Moon Eclipse allows innovative moneymaking ideas to take root if you weed impractical dreams and schemes from your garden of prosperity.

Keep in Mind This Month
Revisiting your past may create regrets. Still, the useful insights you gain make remembering worthwhile.

Key Dates for Taurus

May 3-5: True Confessions
Conversations flow easily on May 3, when verbose Mercury forms a slick sextile with agreeable Venus. Tackle tough subjects before May 5, though, because Mercury's opposition to strict Saturn presents a less welcoming picture. You must address your finances with clarity and a mastery of the facts if you want to be taken seriously. The intense Scorpio Full Moon -- also on May 5 -- has a powerful emotional undertow that can dredge up issues from the past, especially in relationships. Expressing feelings of discontent will rock the boat, but bringing them out into the open can revive an ongoing partnership or clear out obstacles to finding a new one.

May 13-16: In the Zone
Your horizons are stretched and hopes are raised by an enriching Sun-Jupiter conjunction on May 13. The bridge you're building between the realities of the present and your dreams for the future can carry you to new heights. You see yourself in such a positive light that doubt melts in the warmth of growing self-confidence. Patience and persistence, which you know well, are key ingredients to making magic happen. Active Mars's stressful semisquare with Saturn on May 15 could present difficulties on the job or reveal the limits of your skills. However, a potent Mars-Pluto trine on May 16 strengthens your determination to overcome any barriers by cutting out distractions and focusing on achieving your goals.