April 2019 Horoscope

Usually the annual New Moon in Aries is all about "go, go, go!" energy. This time around, however, this lunation is filled with conditions. Start something, yes; but you'd better do it responsibly and under proper guidelines, because if you don't, you can expect an epic fail. That's because Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be at a tense angle to the April 5 New Moon, bringing quite a bit of stress connected to whatever this personal fresh start is for you. Basically, you have the universe's permission to do something groundbreaking ... as long as you come correct.

Relationship dynamics will definitely come to the forefront this month. Romance is beautiful for everyone from April 10-14 when Venus embraces Neptune and then creates a friendly link to both Saturn and Pluto. For many it will feel like everything you've ever wanted in love is finally happening in your life.

A Full Moon in partnership-oriented Libra on April 19 can bring major fulfillment for you and your mate. There's also the potential for you to end a business or personal relationship that is completely out of balance. Reciprocity is key and if you aren't feeling that in a relationship, you can count on resentment creeping in.

Single? Venus in Aries from April 20 - May 15 will help you go after your crush without hesitation. Making the first move will be easier than ever!

On April 22 the Sun and Uranus will join forces in Taurus, making it a significant day for sudden twists and turns in finances and your physical reality. Don't worry -- it looks like a positive twist!