A Fond Farewell to Twittascope

Where did Twittascope go?

By Tarot.com Staff

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In January 2012, Tarot.com acquired Twittascope as a service to Twitter users worldwide. Twittascope had been automatically tweeting sign-specific horoscopes each day since March 2009, and with the backing of Tarot.com, it eventually generated exactly 1,840,606,156 horoscope tweets for users worldwide. Unfortunately, this service is now expired but these same horoscopes can be received by our Tarot.com daily horoscope newsletter.

Twitter made some changes to its free API in February 2023. These changes impacted Twittascope directly and prompted the Tarot.com team to take stock of Twittascope’s performance in recent years. Ultimately, we decided to let the service expire and continue connecting with astrology fans through accessible horoscopes, tarot readings, and astrology education here at Tarot.com.

To honor the spirit of Twittascope and mark the end of this chapter, we decided to pull a card in response to the question, “What did Twittascope offer to the world?” The card we drew was the Three of Wands, representing adventure, vision, and possibility. A classic version of this card shows a person standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over the sea below and the mountains beyond. The Three of Wands is a reminder to consider your choices carefully and to seek your highest potential. In essence, Twittascope offered the world a way to do just that!

The last functional day for Twittascope was May 5, 2023. From Aries to Pisces, from the 1st House to the 12th, Twittascope always saw the best in everyone. Those little Twittascope birds were an inspiration to us all, and they’ll be sorely missed!

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Fortunately, devoted fans can still receive daily horoscopes written by the talented astrologers at Tarot.com. These are the exact same horoscopes that Twittascope published automatically, simply available by email or directly on our website. Make sure to subscribe to our Daily Horoscope emails or read your horoscope now!

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