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A Taste of Tarot: Cancer and The Chariot Tarot Card

An in-depth look at the symbolism of Cancer's Tarot card, The Chariot!

By Staff

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a Tarot card from the Major Arcana! The zodiac sign of Cancer, the Cardinal sign of summer, is ruled by The Chariot card. Here we take a look at the symbolic connections between Cancer and The Chariot...

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Cancer and The Chariot Tarot card

As a Cardinal signThe Chariot Tarot Card, Cancer is associated with beginnings and moving forward, and The Chariot itself represents fresh starts, determination, and drive. In the Tarot card, however, the Charioteer is in a motionless state, observing the Sphinxes in front of him and contemplating his next move. Similarly, Cancers are steadfast and focus their energy on plotting the right course!

Cancer is the sign of motherhood, and is therefore tenacious, protective, and incredibly nurturing. Cancers are able to rise above life’s conflicts by moving forward using highly-developed intuition! Represented by the Crab, Cancers tend to keep their feelings inside to avoid getting hurt. Similarly, the Charioteer faces the outside world clad in head to toe armor, protecting him just like a Crab’s shell.

Cancer Tarot card symbolism

The Chariot is also always accompanied by two protective guides, like sphinxes or horses. In most cases these two guides are shown as a balance of black and white -- black symbolizing the external armor or shell; white the softer emotions inside.

Ruled by the knowing Moon, Cancers move forward using their highly-developed intuition. Not surprisingly, you’ll find two Moons on the shoulders of the Charioteer’s armor! You’ll also notice Water flowing behind The Chariot, and not only is a Cancer a Water sign, but it’s ruling Moon is directly related to the ocean’s tides.

Each Tarot deck will depict the Chariot and it’s symbolism differently. What are the connections that you see between Cancer and the Chariot in your favorite deck? Let us know in the comments below!

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