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Fear of Tarot Readings

Experts explain why Tarot cards are nothing to fear

By Tarot.com Staff

Have you ever been scared to get a Tarot reading? Most people find the insight we can get from Tarot cards thrilling, but there are some who find the process intimidating or frightening. If you're one of those few, it's time to face your fear of Tarot so you can move past it.

We spoke with Tarot expert Jewels Edwards, a psychic and contemporary mystic in Portland, Ore., who has been using Tarot as a tool of insight for more than 20 years, to help explain why Tarot is frightening for some -- and why it shouldn't be.

"Tarot is simply a tool for receiving messages from other dimensions," Edwards said. "It is not evil, harmful, or tainted in any way. It's a method to bring the information through with clarity and integrity."

Edwards is able to use Tarot to "hear" messages from the spirit, higher consciousness, or universal consciousness (whatever you choose to label it).

"Some people have heard or developed a belief that Tarot comes from the devil or is likely to bring in dark energy, but none of this is true," Edwards said. "Tarot is only a tool, like a hammer, for bringing through information for the benefit of the questioner."

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You can change your future

But what if the information that comes through is something terrible you don't want to hear? That's the biggest fear for most when it comes to Tarot readings.

"The fear comes from being afraid that something horrific is going to show up, like a fatal disease, the death of a loved one, a divorce or breakup of some kind, or the ending of a job," Edwards said. "If people do receive this kind of information, what is truly fear-provoking is that they won't be able to change it and that they are stuck with that particular outcome."

However, that's not true. The whole point of doing a Tarot reading is so you'll have the insight and advice you need to change your life for the better. "People are afraid because they believe they are helpless to change some negative future outcomes, but nothing is farther from the truth, Edwards said. "While difficult potential futures do sometimes show up, Tarot is only to show the questioner what is most likely to happen so they have the opportunity to change it."

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