The lovers

The REAL Tarot Lovers Cards

Learn which Tarot cards are the most positive indicators for love

By Staff

So you asked a question about your love life and drew The Lovers Tarot card. Seems like a pretty good sign, right? Well… sure, it is a positive card, but did you know The Lovers Tarot card is actually not the best news when it comes to your love life?

The Lovers can refer to passion and partnerships, true. But it also can be interpreted as a need to make a choice or a decision about a relationship. You may find yourself in a love triangle, or the Tarot may be reminding you that you need to work on yourself and on becoming a more whole individual before you are ready for a relationship.

Many other Tarot cards are actually more positive indicators for the outcome of your relationships. Our favorite cards to draw in a love Tarot reading include The Sun, The Empress, The Emperor, the Hierophant, Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, 10 of Cups and Four of Wands. If you get these cards, study their archetypal symbolism and rejoice that your love life is about to get good!

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