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Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Goat

Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Goat

by Marie Diamond

The Goat is the most easygoing of all the signs ... sensitive to other people's needs, kindhearted, flexible and social.

The Goat

Goats love life, and all forms of art will help them express their active energy and joie de vivre. When stressed, they can be moody and appear weak, but will stubbornly resist the opinions of others if they disagree. They are devoted to their loved ones, outgoing and quite outspoken about the world they live in.

Goats are both free-spirited and honest -- whatever they say about something or someone will not be far off the truth. They are well connected and loved because of their kind nature. It's common for their mothers to be their best friends. Goats are assertive but not dominant ... and tend to complete what others leave undone. They make great coworkers and superior friends ... as long as you allow them space to be creative. Read the 2015 Year of the Sheep Horoscope »

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