Chinese Dog Compatibility

Dog Relationship Compatibility: The Loyal Lover

Dog's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog is intuitive, honest, and (obviously) very loyal. You have natural leadership tendencies, and no one can persuade you to go against your beliefs. Romantically and platonically, you see those you love as your "pack," which means you will always support them no matter what -- but sometimes people take advantage of your good nature. Unfortunately, you have a tendency to be pessimistic and short-tempered, so try not to be too sensitive to criticism and remind yourself that it's OK to be alone sometimes.


Dog and Rat

Dog and Rat Compatibility Romantically, the Dog and Rat fare quite well. The anxious Dog takes comfort in the Rat’s problem-solving abilities. Meanwhile, the idealistic Rat admires the Dog’s humanitarianism. Both signs value relationships above all else, and will enjoy throwing dinner parties for family and friends. Yes, the generous Dog is perplexed by the Rat’s tendency to hoard money, while the adaptable Rat can’t understand the Dog’s rigid behavior. For the most part, though, these lovers appreciate each other’s strengths too much to dwell on their weaknesses.

As friends, the Dog and Rat make a good team. These folks are renowned for their loyalty, and can trust each other to be there when the chips are down. When the Dog gets blue, the Rat is ready with silly jokes. If the Rat obsesses over finances, the Dog suggests getting involved in a charitable cause to lend perspective. The Dog’s steadfast behavior lends permanence to the Rat’s frenetic life, and the Rat’s analytical mind appreciates the Dog’s intelligent conversation. Sexually, the Dog and Rat don’t generate lots of heat. The sentimental Dog is jarred by the Rat’s fast, frenzied lovemaking style. Fortunately, the Rat is clever at ferreting out the Dog’s concerns, and can adapt their technique accordingly. Hopefully, the Dog will reciprocate by becoming more inventive. This may take time, since Dogs are shy about expressing their physical desires. Since the Dog and Rat are liable to be together for years, though, they have plenty of time to work out the kinks in their sexual relationship.

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Dog and Ox

Dog and Ox Compatibility The Dog and Ox don’t find love very easily. The charitable Dog doesn’t approve of the Ox’s tendency to spend their money on expensive luxuries. The practical Ox, on the other hand, can’t see the point in the Dog’s incessant worrying. Before these two call it quits, though, they should consider the things they have in common. Both signs are extremely loving and loyal. These two never have to worry about betrayal. In fact, this couple is more likely than most to withstand challenges like sickness, financial shortages, or emotional traumas. If the Dog allows the Ox to fulfill its need for material indulgence, the Ox will work to ease the Dog’s troubled mind.

As friends, the Dog and Ox do a little better. The Dog and Ox are highly ethical, and often advise each other on matters of conscience. Furthermore, these signs have strong work ethics, and enjoy undertaking projects together. These two know that they can dig a garden, build a deck, or make a gourmet meal in record time. The intuitive Dog senses when the tight-lipped Ox is hurt, scared, or angry. Meanwhile, the level-headed Ox prevents the Dog’s temper from boiling over. All in all, these two make great friends. As far as sex is concerned, these two have a good rapport. The Dog enjoys following the Ox’s lead, and can learn to get in touch with its sensual desires with this partner. The Ox, meanwhile, is gratified by the Dog’s love and affection. There’s no sex without love for these two, which helps them to avoid heartache and confusion. When they jump into bed together, it’s because they’re hopelessly devoted to each other.

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Dog and Tiger

Dog and Tiger Compatibility The Dog and Tiger generate plenty of sparks. Although the Dog is a pessimist and the Tiger always looks at the bright side, these two feel an immediate affinity for each other. The Dog loves the Tiger’s signature style, while the Tiger is impressed by the Dog’s breadth of vision. These signs are warm-hearted and affectionate, and enjoy lavishing each other with love. Granted, the independent Tiger won’t enjoy the Dog’s clingy ways. If the Dog learns to develop hobbies of its own, this couple will avoid many nasty fights.

As friends, the Dog and Tiger also enjoy each other’s company. Protective Dogs won’t let impulsive Tigers expose themselves to danger. Meanwhile, the fearless Tiger is happy to promote the Dog’s humanitarian efforts, standing up to any intimidating enemies. Yes, the Dog sometimes despairs of the Tiger’s inability to be on time, while the Tiger can’t comprehend the Dog’s constant worrying. Still, these two pals are able to overlook the flaws in their friendship for the sake of harmony. With regard to sex, the Dog and Tiger have a lot to teach each other. The shy Dog can learn how to embrace their sensual side with the help of the erotic Tiger. Similarly, the aggressive Tiger can develop a more gentle approach with the assistance of the Dog. One danger this union faces is sexual infidelity. The loyal Dog simply won’t stay in a relationship if the Tiger strays from it. Hopefully, the Tiger will practice restraint.

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Dog and Rabbit

Dog and Rabbit Compatibility The Dog and Rabbit are highly attuned to each other’s needs. The intuitive Dog knows to tread lightly in the timid Rabbit’s presence so as not to frighten this lover away. The refined Rabbit appreciates the Dog’s gracious behavior, and rewards it by being an attentive and considerate lover. There won’t be any harsh words or bitter recriminations in this relationship. The Dog and Rabbit are too sensitive to hurl insults at each other. When there is a problem, these two will become quiet and withdrawn. The practical Dog will probably be the first to break the silence, in the interests of resolving the conflict.

When it comes to forming a friendship, the Dog and Rabbit are equally successful. The Dog is supportive of the Rabbit’s artistic talent, and will encourage any innovative ideas their pal develops. The Rabbit, on the other hand, knows how self-conscious the Dog is, and offers their pal praise and encouragement as a means to build their self-esteem. Yes, both signs are very moody, and can waste lots of valuable time brooding over imagined slights. Hopefully, other signs in their social circle will come to this duo’s rescue when their friendship falls prey to depression. As sexual partners, the Dog and Rabbit get along swimmingly. These two use sex as a means to express their love. Insecure Dogs are encouraged by Rabbits’ passionate response to their overtures. Meanwhile, the tasteful Rabbit is touched by the Dog’s good manners in the bedroom.

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Dog and Dragon

Dog and Dragon Compatibility The Dog and Dragon make a difficult match. The down-to-earth Dog isn’t impressed by the Dragon’s star power. Conversely, the upbeat Dragon can’t abide the Dog’s dark moods. Unless these two work to celebrate each other’s good points, this affair won’t last long. The Dog does have to admit that the Dragon has a knack for bringing people together in a spirit of harmony. Similarly, the Dragon can see that the Dog’s generous spirit makes the world a better place. Hopefully, these positives will outweigh the challenges involved in this romance.

Platonically, the Dog and Dragon do a little better. Both signs are extremely trustworthy. The Dog knows that the Dragon will do battle with any bullies that cross their path. The Dragon trusts that the Dog will pitch in whenever they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. The frugal Dog does not, however, approve of the Dragon’s cavalier attitude toward money. Still, the pooch must admit that their friend is very lucky with finances. Sexually, the Dog and Dragon need to adapt to each other’s needs. The shy Dog needn’t be frightened by the Dragon’s passion. The effusive Dragon shouldn’t be discouraged by the Dog’s timidity. A little love and understanding goes a long way in this relationship. Trouble can occur when the moody Dog withholds sex from the Dragon as a punishment. The demanding Dragon hates being denied, and could seek pleasure elsewhere. If the Dog isn’t in the mood for love, he or she should just be honest, rather than play games.

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Dog and Snake

Dog and Snake Compatibility As lovers, the Dog and Snake are well matched. The distrustful Dog learns to relax in the easygoing Snake’s presence. The possessive Snake, meanwhile, is reassured by the Dog’s unswerving loyalty. Both of these signs are very intelligent, and enjoy discussing religion, politics, and other philosophical matters. Dogs are impressed by Snake’s grasp of facts and figures, as well as their knowledge of history. The Snake, on the other hand, admires the Dog’s radical thinking, and feels lucky to be with somebody who is willing to challenge the status quo.

As friends, the Dog and Snake get along very well, too. The principled Dog gives the Snake good advice during crises of conscience. The intuitive Snake, on the other hand, can alert Dogs to golden opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise notice. Both of these signs love spending time with friends, and may enjoy attending parties together. When these two get tired of mingling, they’ll duck out together to the nearest all-night diner. There, they’ll discuss the event in great detail, analyzing all the guests’ motives and attitudes.When it comes to sex, the Dog and Snake face some challenges. The Dog isn’t nearly as sophisticated about making love as the Snake. Hopefully, the sensitive Snake will work to melt the self-conscious Dog’s reserve. Once this happens, their love life will run more smoothly. Still, the Snake should take care never to betray the Dog’s trust. The Dog doesn’t forgive or forget an infidelity -- especially a sexual one.

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Dog and Horse

Dog and Horse Compatibility When it comes to romance, the Dog and Horse fare remarkably well. These sociable signs love going out and having a good time. Neither one is particularly concerned about domestic matters, so they won’t put much time or effort into their home. Fortunately, both the Dog and Horse are agreeable, and will trade chores like cooking, cleaning, and shopping so that resentment won’t set in to their relationship. The Dog delights in the Horse’s sense of humor, while the Horse admires the Dog’s keen mind. It will take lots of work to break up this mutual admiration society.

As friends, the Dog and Horse also make a good pair. These two love sinking their teeth into a big project. The Dog will enlist the Horse’s help with charity work, while the Horse will ask the Dog to lend a helping hand with career matters. Yes, the Dog doesn’t like the Horse’s careless attitude toward money, while the Horse can’t abide the Dog’s worrying. Still, these two are smart enough to know that no friendship is perfect, and will agree to disagree on these matters. Sexually, the Dog and Horse can make a connection, provided they work at it. The Dog will have to keep up with the Horse’s stamina, but this is exactly the sort of challenge this lover enjoys. The Horse enjoys helping the Dog relax with long, languorous lovemaking sessions. Naturally, the loyal Dog won’t approve of the Horse’s wandering eye. It’s a good thing that the Horse finds the Dog interesting enough to resist temptation.

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Dog and Goat

Dog and Goat Compatibility In terms of romance, the Dog and Goat face lots of challenges. Both of these signs are prone to pessimism, and can drag each other down with worry. Furthermore, the Dog doesn’t understand the Goat’s laid-back attitude -- Dogs would rather work than dream. Meanwhile, the Goat can’t abide the Dog’s moral superiority. Can these two work out their differences? Yes, particularly if the Dog praises the Goat’s ability to create a comfortable home. This relationship will be further strengthened if the Goat honors the Dog’s hard work by practicing financial restraint.

As friends, the Dog and Goat are better suited. The Dog can show the Goat practical ways to turn their dreams into realities. In exchange, the Goat can feel safe running creative ideas past the visionary Dog. Of course, the Dog doesn’t approve of the Goat’s lax morals, whereas the Goat bristles at the Dog’s perpetual criticisms. If these two friends can look past each other’s idiosyncrasies, they’ll benefit from their gifts. With regard to sex, the Dog and Goat aren’t ideally suited. The loyal Dog is hurt by the Goat’s wandering eye. The creative Goat is bored by the Dog’s predictable lovemaking techniques. If the Dog demonstrates a willingness to expand their sexual repertoire, the Goat may respond by staying committed to their relationship. A little give-and-take works wonders with this couple. Both of these signs are tender lovers, and won’t offend each other with crass remarks or lewd behavior. As far as the Dog and Goat are concerned, the bedroom is a haven from public life’s ugly realities.

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Dog and Monkey

Dog and Monkey Compatibility Although the Dog and Monkey have fundamental differences, they can make a success out of a romantic relationship. The serious-minded Dog delights in the Monkey’s hilarious jokes. The curious Monkey is impressed by the Dog’s grasp of current events. This blend of energies is more stimulating than irritating. Of course, the steadfast Dog could get their heart broken by the inconstant Monkey. Hopefully, infidelity won’t rear its ugly head in this relationship.

As friends, this pair faces similar concerns. The die-hard Dog will focus on a project like a laser until it is finished, whereas the free-wheeling Monkey prefers to drop a job the moment it becomes boring. As long as the Dog doesn’t take the Monkey to task for being a flake, the Monkey won’t nag the Dog for being a bore. If these pals are smart, they’ll join forces to balance each other’s weaknesses. The Dog can become more creative beneath the Monkey’s influence, whereas the Monkey can grow more hard-working with the help of the Dog. Sexually, the Dog and Monkey are a bit of a mismatch. The sentimental Dog is taken aback by the Monkey’s irreverent attitude toward lovemaking. The Monkey, on the other hand, isn’t terribly impressed with the Dog’s predictable technique. If the Monkey is a bit gentler, the Dog will broaden its horizons. Fortunately, Monkeys are very good with their hands, and can play the body like a finely tuned instrument. The result will be an explosion of ecstasy.

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Dog and Rooster

Dog and Rooster Compatibility Romance isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the Dog and Rooster. The Dog’s strong will clashes with the Rooster’s desire to rule. If the Rooster gives the Dog an order, the Dog will respond with a rude remark. To add insult to injury, the Dog is a thoroughly unpretentious sign, while the Rooster is extremely status-oriented. Can these two overcome their differences for the sake of love? Yes, provided the Dog praises the Rooster’s organized mind. The Rooster can keep the positive energy flowing by lauding the Dog’s humanitarian interests. These two signs may be opposites, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to each other’s charms.

As friends, these two face similar challenges. The visionary Dog simply can’t understand the Rooster’s love of tradition. The Rooster, on the other hand, thinks the Dog’s hot temper is unpleasant. The sooner these two stop carping at each other, the faster they’ll see each other’s merits. For instance, these signs are both hard-working and loyal. If these two join forces, they’ll make impressive progress with home improvement projects, charitable efforts, and community endeavors. The Dog and Rooster are also quite clever, and would make great bridge or tennis partners. As far as sex is concerned, the Dog and Rooster could use some help. The Dog wants to be cuddled and reassured in bed, while the Rooster needs to be praised and admired. When the Dog is busy perfecting their sexual technique, the Rooster is wondering when their lover will try something new. A heart-to-heart talk about their sexual desires could put this couple on the right path.

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Dog and Dog

Dog and Dog Compatibility Dogs love to travel in packs, which is why these two feel an instant attraction to each other. Both share an interest in social justice, and enjoy informing each other about their favorite causes. These two also like to travel and will enjoy taking trips together to far-flung places. When the two Dogs are at home, they’ll help each other with tasks, refusing to let one bear an unfair share of the work. The one fly in the ointment is this sign’s negative outlook on life. This couple could really benefit from studying Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking together.

Platonically, Dogs also fare well. These pals love making the rounds of parties. Neither one of them enjoys glitzy clubs or expensive restaurants; they prefer grassy parks and casual pubs. When they aren’t having fun, the Dogs are working for fairness and equality. This sign is known for its diplomacy, and can make headway with groups that would otherwise dismiss a call to justice. As far as lovemaking is concerned, the Dogs have a fulfilling, if staid, relationship. This sign treats sex as a means to experience emotional intimacy. Inventive positions and wild fantasies don’t hold much water with these two. Dogs are the definition of loyal, and don’t need to worry about one cheating on the other. When these two say, "Until death do us part," they mean it! In the event either one of them does get bored, they’ll make their feelings known in a kind, considerate way.

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Dog and Pig

Dog and Pig Compatibility The Dog and Pig make a loving match. When the Dog gets grumpy, the Pig cracks some jokes. If the Pig is cheated, the Dog will demand justice. These two share a love of festive parties, good books, and beautiful nature scenes. At the end of a long day, they’ll jump into bed for a marathon cuddling session. Their home is comfortable, casual, and elegant. In other words, they are perfectly suited to each other! Granted, the Dog’s sarcasm offends the Pig’s penchant for politesse, whereas the Pig’s greed dismays the Dog’s generosity, but these are very minor clouds on an otherwise sunny horizon.

These two hit it off equally well as friends. The Dog loves getting recipes and household hints from the domestic Pig. Meanwhile, the Pig likes helping the Dog with various charitable efforts. Both are hard workers and enjoy helping each other with chores. If they fight, it’s because the Dog’s testiness brings down the happy Pig. Before the Dog starts complaining, he or she should consider the effect this will have on their pal. Sexually, the Dog and Pig are well suited. The Dog adores lavishing the Pig with cuddles, kisses, and caresses. In turn, Pigs delight in putting Dogs in touch with their sensual side. Together, these two will enjoy scented bubble baths, languorous massages, and lazy afternoons of lovemaking. Both of these lovers are as true as steel, and won’t betray each other’s trust by straying outside of the relationship. Talk about an unbeatable combination!

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