Chinese Zodiac: The Dog

The Dog is fair and loyal above all else

By Marie Diamond

Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Dog

The Dog’s personality

This deep moral sense also makes the Dog honest and loyal. Dogs are very intuitive but can tend toward pessimism -- and even see dangers where there aren’t any. Anxious and short-tempered at times, they can also be magnetic leaders, enchanting and very generous. But don’t question a Dog’s belief in his or her destiny. And never, ever attack a Dog’s children or home. If you do, watch all that usual doggy diplomacy disappear -- and run fast ... or you’ll be in for quite a scuffle.

Dogs are as loyal as they come and very giving to others as long as they don’t go against what the Dog believes is right. If they do, watch the Dog’s teeth come out! Lucky is the person who is loved by a Dog, because he or she will likely be loved forever. The Dog’s loyalty goes so deep it will endure lies and transgressions, no matter how much they make him or her growl.

Dogs have the ability to save themselves in almost any situation by applying their natural, practical smarts. They will accept leadership from a true leader as long as it makes sense to their belief system. Dogs are not always leaders themselves but will be close to leaders, who can count on the Dog to save the day. Dogs are great organizers -- they have a knack for controlling chaos with their logical approach and commitment to order and fair play. The Dog’s devotion to others is admirable, but don’t overlook the Dog’s need for solitude and reflection on his or her own life.

The Dog in love

The Dog woman in love: You Dog women are not easy to catch and tend to be a bit distant even when you dream of passionate love with someone. When you finally admit you are in love, you will show your feelings discreetly -- or even secretly -- until you are very sure about the relationship. If you love a Dog woman, you’ll learn that she doesn’t trust many people but when she does, it’s forever. When a Dog becomes a mom, her involvement in the lives of her children will be fanatic. A Dog’s children are the best in the whole world and can’t do anything wrong in her eyes. Her devotion to her little pack -- including you -- will be unrivaled.

The Dog man in love: The Dog man is hypersensitive and proud. If you are a Dog man, you have enough confidence to find a romantic partner, but if the other party laughs at you or hurts your feelings, you withdraw easily. If you love a Dog man, try to hold him on a short leash and lead with softness and tenderness. Your Dog man adores being quietly dominated and will love you forever for the guidance you give. He will only accept a partner who is committed to truth and, if you are that one, he will let you in like a happy pup. Make your Dog feel secure about your true feelings -- if you know he’s your guy, look forward to a long, passionate relationship.

The Dog and money

When it comes to money, Dogs are not as independent as you might think. They need good advisors to protect them financially. Without a long-term plan, their tendency is to spend a bit too freely. The needs of others motivate them to earn and save ... they will take great financial care of the people they love and admire. But money can also make them worried and pessimistic when they feel they don’t have enough for the destiny that calls them.

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More facts about the Dog

Fixed element: Earth
Season: Autumn
Positive traits: Valiant, loyal, giving, responsible, clever, playful, courageous, lively, prudent, sincere, and simplistic
Negative traits: Sensitive, unsatisfied, skeptical, stubborn, negative, emotional, and critical
Born in: ...1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030...

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