The Grand Water Trine

The Grand Water Trine: Heaven Is a Place on Earth

As planets in Water signs form a perfect triangle, your intuition will soar...

By Maria DeSimone

You'll begin to feel it as early as July 13 and it will linger until about July 22. The most sublime, gorgeous spectacle in the sky will befall us as we're graced with an elegant Grand Water Trine.

What's so special about this planetary line up? Well, for starters, the link between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces is a rare one indeed. These three outer planets are all in Water signs which symbolize emotion, intuition and sensitivity. Water signs are the "feelers" of the zodiac -- and you can put yourself in a more stable position during this aspect with a Self-Healing analysis Tarot reading. When you have a 120 degree connection between two planets it's a trine aspect. But when each of the three Water signs holds a planet making a 120 degree link to each other, then you have what is known as a Grand Water Trine.

Soaked in support

Trines are the most supportive aspect in the zodiac -- offering us bountiful treasures with little effort. In the case of Water, those treasures will center on emotional matters and intuitive depth. When you have a planet in every Water sign connecting in a trine, you can literally trace a triangle in the sky and this pattern is most fortunate. The very best of the Water elements expression will be available to us all.

Jupiter in Cancer is all about abundance and prosperity in matters that nurture our soul. Saturn in Scorpio is helping us to realistically face any hidden demons in our closet, creating lasting emotional strength and stability. Neptune in Pisces encourages us to dream the impossible dream and have unending faith in them. With this winning combination, there will be more compassion, nurturing, and penetrating insight into the emotional motivation of others during this time ... something we sorely need right now in the world!

Dream a little dream with me

In addition, when there is an abundance of Water energy, intuition is typically off the charts. Expect plenty of psychic insights and precognitive dreams or impressions. Pay attention to those gut feelings you have now and trust them because your awareness will be stronger.

Also, with this pattern between Saturn and Neptune there will be an easy ability to create a solid framework around one of your most dreamy goals! And Jupiter will add expansive, positive potential to this!

The Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune will be exact on July 17, but you'll feel its influence building at least a couple days earlier. Then, there will be an extended impact because as the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune begins to wind down we'll experience another Grand Water Trine as Mars in Cancer makes the same links to Saturn and Neptune on July 20.

All in all, we can anticipate a stretch of 8-10 days where this beautiful, perfect triangle is blessing us. When Mars takes over the Grand Trine pattern you'll see action motivated by ones emotions and instincts.

A fresh start...

Perhaps what is most significant about this pattern is that, if you consider the cleansing powers of water, you may also notice that this will be a time of collectively feeling washed over in healing potential. We may also connect strongly to divine energy at this time thanks to the intuitive and spiritual implications of Water signs. Since Mercury will also continue to move retrograde in Cancer at this time -- turning direct on July 20 -- it adds even more weight in terms of being able to look back on old wounds to remember and readdress, ultimately leading to healing and letting go of them.

In the end, the greatest blessing of all behind our magical summer Grand Water Trine is that it will help us reunite with our soul. Ah, yes, indeed -- do you know what that's worth? This summer, heaven really is a place on Earth.

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