Jupiter in Cancer: The Wisdom of Water

Jupiter's move into Cancer marks the start of enlightening thought

The Wisdom of Water

Giant Jupiter entered sensitive Cancer on June 25, 2013, and will remain there until July 16, 2014. Jupiter's one-year journey through this Water sign brings truth through feelings rather than through intellect. Jupiter is called "guru," or teacher, in Sanskrit and modern Hindi, signaling its role as a source of wisdom ... which is not necessarily the same as intelligence. We associate speedy Mercury with mental activities and the ability to gather and deliver data. Jupiter, though, is about the higher mind, the big picture thinking associated with philosophies and belief systems. A person can be smart in a Mercurial way with cleverness, math skills and the ability to remember and share information. But without the higher and broader perspective of Jupiter, he or she may lack the vision and wisdom necessary to recognize meaning and give purpose in their lives. And now you can find the true purpose of your life when you run a Jupiter's Promises report.

From flighty to family

Before moving into Cancer, Jupiter spent 12 months in Gemini, a speedy, Mercury-ruled sign that is better at information than insight. This was considered an uncomfortable placement in traditional Astrology because Jupiter has difficulty seeing the forest for the trees in Gemini's deluge of data. More facts do not necessarily lead us to higher truths because attention is scattered when there's too much input. Still, the lesson of the previous year has been about learning to scrape off little pieces of wisdom from a diversity of sources. It's not been a period of one-stop spiritual or philosophical shopping where you get all the answers in one place.

Emotions rule!

Cancer, though, isn't intellectual at all. Those born with the Sun in this sign, of course, are unique individuals and can certainly be highly intelligent. Still, the essence of Cancer is emotional. This means that Jupiter's coming lessons -- or the road to higher awareness/wisdom -- will come through our feelings. The "truth" we learn in the next year is more likely to be found in gut instincts than objective analysis. This doesn't mean that every emotion we experience will be a source of wisdom, but that we can find meaning and self-understanding through these experiences. Even negative feelings can teach us a great deal if we don't push them away with shame or project them on others with blame.

Facts still enter the front door of the brain but the place where we synthesize them and transform cold data into meaning is not in our heads during Jupiter's tour through Cancer. Taking the time to absorb ideas and experiences is critical to tapping into this growing pool of emotional awareness. Don't force yourself to come up with solutions, but allow them to come to you. It is in the quieting of the mind that we find answers that lie beyond the limits of words and truth that inspires hearts and encourages bold action.

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