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Predicting Relationship Changes: Sun-Moon Midpoint in Astrology

Exploring and understanding the Sun/Moon Midpoint

By Maria DeSimone

OK class, today we're going to talk about a very powerful tool in the astrologer's toolbox. I warn you: It's not for the faint of heart. There is a little bit of math and a whole lot of meaning behind what I want to introduce to you.

You may or may not have heard of this before, depending on your level of interest in Astrology. But I assure you, the information I am about to share is relevant for each and every one of you -- I'm talking about Midpoints.

Before you run away from this page I urge you to stay with me -- just a little longer. I promise it'll be worth your while. You see, although Midpoints are a rather advanced tool, they are SO important.

Simply put, a midpoint in your chart is the degree you get when you calculate the distance between two planets. Let's keep this really simple. Imagine your Sun is at 15 degrees of Capricorn and your Moon is at 5 degrees of Capricorn. Well, the halfway mark between these two planets would be 10 degrees of Capricorn.

Are you with me so far? Good.

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What Astrology's Midpoints mean

So in this imaginary example, 10 degrees of Capricorn becomes an extremely sensitive degree in that person's chart. This would be the Sun/Moon midpoint. It's a degree that, when activated by transit, suggests MAJOR changes in relationship. It's also a degree that, when activated by a planet or point in another person's chart, suggests that you are in a tremendously important relationship.

If your sweetheart's personal planets are conjunct, square or opposite your Sun/Moon midpoint (with an orb of two degrees or less) then you, my friend, have met a potential marriage partner. Same goes if his or her Sun/Moon midpoint touches one of your planets by hard aspect. Only hard aspects count with midpoints by the way (conjunction, square or opposition). Why? Hard aspects are drivers. They make stuff happen. Soft aspects (sextile and trines) merely lend support.

OK, so if you have stayed with me this far, I'm thrilled. You have no idea how exciting midpoints are in the birth chart. Your chart is rich with meaningful midpoints that, when triggered (by transits, progressions, solar arcs, or in synastry), are connected to major developments and relationships in your life.

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Why the Sun/Moon midpoint is so important

But for now let's stick with the absolute granddaddy of midpoints. If there is only one midpoint in your entire birth chart you decide to pay attention to, it should be the Sun/Moon midpoint.

Why? Well it's kind of straightforward if you think about it. The Sun and Moon are two of the most vital components of our horoscope. The Sun is our essential life force and vitality, while the Moon represents our habit patterns and emotional needs. The Sun represents our father or male energy in our chart, while the Moon represents mother or feminine energy. Together, the Sun/Moon midpoint is all about blending the masculine with feminine for their strongest combined expression.

It follows that in terms of relationship Astrology and in predictive Astrology, the Sun/Moon midpoint is likely to be an active factor as it pertains to relationship change. Class dismissed!

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