The moon with venus

Popularity and the Moon-Venus Connection

Making Astrology relatable to the masses

By Maria DeSimone

There are many different types of astrologers. Some are scholarly and can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the history of Astrology way back to ancient Babylonia (maybe even earlier). Others are mathematical geniuses and can manually calculate a chart in fifteen minutes. A few are experts in mythology and love to endlessly explore the archetypal connections that the planets make to our psyche.  Then, there are astrologers like me. I suppose I fit into the "other" category because I'm not an expert in historical Astrology. I'm certainly no math genius and if I'm being honest, mythology is only interesting to me up to a certain point.

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If I had to categorize myself in this industry, I guess you can say that I'm the kind of astrologer who's more interested in making Astrology relatable to the masses. I write and speak about what I KNOW intuitively all of you are most interested in. A few of the more scholarly astrologers criticize those of us who practice Sun sign Astrology. When this first happened to me I felt ashamed. Gosh, I wondered...was I really doing a disservice to my field? Was I helping to spread the idea that Astrology is nothing more than entertainment and that Sun sign Astrology is the be all and end all of it?

Absolutely not!

I had to think long and hard a few years ago when an astrologer I greatly respected trashed astrologers who wrote horoscope columns unabashedly. Right in front of me. He made me feel I was somehow prostituting myself and my craft.

But then I got angry. The Sun is the center of our Solar System and it represents our vital life force. Our basic essence and qualities that we strive to develop expertly in this lifetime.  Just because I write or make videos about Sun sign Astrology doesn't mean that I, or that my viewers and readers don't realize that a horoscope is more than a Sun sign forecast. And if that is the case and I ever come across someone who does, I always attempt to educate that person. To explain that the Sun sign is relevant to reveal themes in your life but it is not the entire picture. That would be like saying that your thumb is the only part of your hand. Duh! I think we're all smarter than that. And if you've read any of my blogs you know this is the case. By the way...if you have read my blog you have undoubtedly been led to it because of reading or watching my Sun sign forecasts. Point made!

The longer I practice Astrology and the more popular my work becomes, the more I realize how blessed I am to do this work.  If I can reach thousands or millions of people through Sun sign Astrology and spark an interest in even a fraction of these individuals to look deeper at their entire horoscope, then I have done an amazing service to the field of Astrology.

More than just your Sun sign

There is no disputing that in the past, the majority of people thought that astrology was all about your Sun sign but come on...have you watched anything on television in the past couple of years? I have seen movies and television shows mention astrological phenomenon like Mercury Retrograde, the Saturn Return, the Rising sign and even aspects in a horoscope repeatedly! Our culture is shifting. The public recognizes that there IS more than Sun sign Astrology.

But how do you think this happened? Because of astrologers who are able to touch the pulse of the public with their words.  

The Moon represents a lot in Astrology but one area it rules that you may not be aware of is the public. When you have a positive connection between the Moon and Venus in your horoscope, you have a natural ability to know how to appeal to the public. It's an aspect that makes you likable...relatable. Popular.

I have never looked for approval but with my Moon trine Venus I've noticed that it does come easier for me than others. People like me. And because of that, I'm able to educate many about the beauty and power of Astrology.

Thank you all for that opportunity.  Oh, and if you still haven't seen your entire birth chart or had a consultation with an astrologer you might want to get on that. 

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