Prepare yourself: Mercury is turning retrograde on August 12! Mercury Retrograde (MRx) refers to the period when, from our perspective here on Earth, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward through the cosmos. During this period, problems with communication, travel, and technology run rampant! But we're here to help you survive Mercury Retrograde with tips to keep your life (from work to relationships) running smoothly.

Memorize these dates

Mercury Retrograde Calendar

Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times per year, for about 3 weeks each time. Check out the Mercury Retrograde dates below to see which dates you need to know! Read your horoscope as well to get the insight you need to be ready.


03/22/18 to 04/15/18

Mercury Retrograde in Aries16° Aries

Mercury Retrograde in Aries4° Aries

07/25/18 to 08/18/18

Mercury Retrograde in Leo23° Leo

Mercury Retrograde in Leo11° Leo

11/16/18 to 12/06/18

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius13° Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio27° Scorpio

03/05/19 to 03/28/19

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces29° Pisces

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces16° Pisces

07/07/19 to 07/31/19

Mercury Retrograde in Leo4° Leo

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer23° Cancer

But where is Mercury?

Mercury Gets Around

Every Mercury Retrograde is unique. Each one depends on other planetary transits happening at the time AND (especially) which zodiac sign Mercury is located in, in the sky. Each of the zodiac signs have their own traits and influences, so Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will be very different from Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, for example.Find out more about Mercury in each sign below.

Mercury Rx News

Mercury Video for Today

Your Guide to Survival

Mercury Retrograde Reports

With these Tarot readings and Astrology reports, you can see how Mercury Retrograde will affect YOU and your life. Let these exclusive reports -- some calculated with your own birth time, date, and location -- prepare you for what's ahead!

Timeline Tarot reading

Timeline Tarot Reading

This 5-card Tarot spread will reveal unfolding issues and their potential consequences over time.
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Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Uncover complex issues around any romance with the insight and advice of this 10-card love Tarot reading.
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Self-Healing Analysis Tarot Reading

Self-Healing Analysis Reading

This Tarot reading helps you mend mistakes and move forward with success ... even during MRx.
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Inner Reflections Birth Report

Inner Reflections Birth Report

Slow down during MRx and let this unique Astrology birth chart lend clarity and depth to your self-knowledge.
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Relationship Potentials Forecast

Relationship Potentials Forecast

Discover the best times for communication and passion in your relationship with this monthly love horoscope.
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30-Day Astrology Forecast Reading

30-Day Forecast

Get you personalized dates and predictions based on upcoming Astrology events to thrive over the month ahead.
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What to Do During MRx

Even when Mercury is retrograde, life goes on! Astrologers usually agree that Mercury Retrograde is a bad time to start new projects, go on first dates, get married, travel, sign important papers, etc. ... BUT this is a great time to slow down and focus. Take this time to: reanalyze your goals, reorganize your home, re-examine your decisions, and reflect on your relationships.

Mercury Retrograde Dos and Don'ts