Prince William's Astrology

Prince William

Take a look at this charming Cancer's Astrology birth chart

By Jeff Jawer

Family plays an important role in everyone's life, but few have had their life course defined by it like Prince William. On June 21, 1982, just hours after a Solar Eclipse, the future King of England was born. With his Sun and Moon next to each other in tradition-rich Cancer, he has been bound by custom since his first breath. The conjunction of both the Sun, which controls his identity, and the Moon, his habits, in the sign of the Crab indicates a profound respect for the past, often expressed in a cautious and conservative personal style. The dutiful prince has walked the straight and narrow path, avoiding the scrapes of his less-constrained younger brother Harry.

In spite of his wealth and fame, William has not avoided fate's cruel hand. He suffered his parents' very public divorce, well-publicized affairs and the tragic loss of his mother Princess Diana. William's Mars -- the planet of physical danger -- is in a tense square with the Moon, the symbol of the mother. This Moon-Mars connection in his birth chart also represents his mother's fight to assert her individuality against the restrictive force of the royal family.

William, though, has never publicly shown the rebelliousness of his mother, instead following his father's more tight-lipped approach to the press. Such caution is appropriate to his Cancer Sun and Moon, but it also reflects the nature of his Mars. This Warrior planet is in peaceable Libra, a sign that does not like to fight, but prefers to use diplomacy and social skills to achieve its goals. Saturn -- the planet of limits -- is also conjunct William's Mars. This is a highly repressive aspect that usually puts good behavior above self-interest.

The Ascendant or Rising sign is what a person shows the world. Prince William has Sagittarius Rising, known to be friendly and outspoken. Yet he was born with dreamy Neptune conjunct his Ascendant, softening his image and silencing his words. Individuals with Neptune Rising don't want to ripple the pond. They prefer to mask their true feelings to blend in without causing a fuss.

Jupiter sits at the top of his chart, the area of career and public status. The planet of opportunity and expansion at this point is a sure sign of success. Astrology's luckiest planet also forms a harmonious 120-degree angle -- called a trine -- to his Sun-Moon conjunction. He was born to hold the highest seat in the land, and would by most measures appear to have an extremely fortunate chart for success. However, the ancient meaning of a Solar Eclipse was the fall of the monarch. It's still possible that William may escape the crown, diverting from the regal path fate has appeared to set for him.

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