Sandra Bullock's Astrology

Sandra Bullock

Take a look at this loving Leo's Astrology birth chart

By Jeff Jawer

Sandra Bullock is a Leo, a sign known for its self-confidence and hunger for the spotlight. But Miss Congeniality is about as far from a demanding diva as she can get. Her Moon in friendly Aquarius and a Venus-Mars conjunction in accessible Gemini make her feel more like a neighbor than a movie star.

Sandra Bullock raced to fame in 1994, when she co-starred in Speed with Keanu Reeves, and has been one of Hollywood's leading actresses ever since. She was born on July 26, 1964 and readily expresses the outgoing confidence of her Leo Sun. This sign, though, is sometimes known for its arrogance, a sense of superiority that can occasionally put people off. But Sandra has never demonstrated that kind of attitude and, in fact, has earned her way into the public's heart by her down-to-earth appearance of accessibility.

Sandra's attractive, of course, but not in a glamorous, movie star-looking way. Her Leo confidence shines quietly, inviting us in with its warmth rather than blinding us with ego. This may be because she was born with the Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the people, one that recognizes no boundaries of class or race. This egalitarian influence in her chart makes it easy for her to cross income and social lines. It also makes her a bit of a rebel. Although she hasn't demonstrated this by radical political action, her now-defunct marriage to heavily tattooed celebrity motorcycle maker (and cheater) Jesse James certainly fills the bill.

Sandra's incredible cuteness factor is helped by her Leo Sun, but is most clearly the result of her delightful Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini. This union of the planets of beauty (Venus) and action (Mars) in the chatty, playful and fresh-faced sign not only makes Sandra adorably attractive, but allows her to continue playing youthful leads into her 40s. No matter how old she gets, she's likely to make us think of the girl next door, which will keep her working for a very long time.

When Venus and Mars -- Astrology's lovers -- are next to one another in a chart, the charm factor is usually quite high, especially in chatty Gemini. The curious nature and adaptability of this sign is terrific for an actress who is skilled in both comedies and dramatic films. But truth be told, the light and easygoing nature of Sandra's chart is somewhat better served with humor. She's a woman of the people, better received by fans than critics.

While she certainly deserves respect, being liked may be more important to someone with Venus, the planet of approval, in the easy access sign of Gemini. In addition, both Venus and Mars form favorable 120-degree trine aspects to Sandra's Moon, a gift of passion and personality more bubbly than dark and more inviting than intimidating -- the perfect combination to take any romantic comedy to the top of the box office charts.

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