Dive Deep: Saturn in Scorpio

Facing the naked truth can lead to fulfillment

Dive Deep: Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn is usually a "make it or break it" planet. It shows us where the boundaries are and defines the kind of work and commitment needed to earn respect and manifest our goals.

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The ringed planet first traveled through passionate and mysterious Scorpio from October 2012 to December 2014, and will now retrograde back into Scorpio June 14 to September 17, 2015. This means that the powerful emotions associated with this fixed Water sign are the field for critical personal work during this period.

Get ready for a reality check

Facing reality is the essence of Saturn, and its presence in profound and complex Scorpio can stir issues that most of us would rather not face. This isn't because of anything inherently wrong with this sign, but is due to the fact that Scorpio addresses several issues that make us uncomfortable: desire, sex, power and death. It's about recognizing our deepest desires and calculating what we're willing to give to fulfill them.

This kind of emotional math doesn't seem generous or spiritual, especially when it comes to intimate connections, where it can feel manipulative and ungenerous, and arouse feelings of shame. Love is supposed to be open and innocent, beyond measurement of the plusses and minuses of intimacy. Honestly facing desire is especially difficult when we realize that we cannot get what we need from a partner and may have to end the relationship.

Taking a deeper look into our alliances can also reveal situations in which we haven't given our fair share and have a sense of debt to others. Or, the reverse is also possible as resentment grows when we feel we haven't been adequately compensated for what we've given to another person.

It's often healthy in life to forgive ourselves and others, yet neither Saturn or Scorpio is soft and diffuse: Both are about coming to edges where hard decisions must be made. Failure to take action in these situations can avoid short-term discomfort, but that is likely to sow even more seeds of discontent in the future.

Letting go can lead to fulfillment

Because Scorpio is also about transformation, part of Saturn's work in this sign is to help us face our fears about endings. Whether it's letting go of a relationship, a job or even facing mortality, recognizing the impermanence of all things is not meant to fill us with despair. Its purpose is to relieve us of the burden of holding on to people, ideas and obligations that will not bring us the fulfillment we seek. In Scorpio, we often have to experience emotional hunger to pay attention to our desires.

Although there are many loving, gentle and kind Scorpios, at its core this is not a sentimental sign. It's meant to get us to the heart of desire, where we meet our deepest needs and greatest fears, which is where we find the motivation to grow and change. Saturn in Scorpio requires us to go the places in ourselves that can be so uncomfortable that we've hidden them away in the unconscious where we keep secrets from ourselves. By facing them we become empowered to make deep and meaningful changes.

Intimacy, passion, power and purpose are rewards that can be earned with Saturn in Scorpio. This planet demands patience, commitment and the courage to face the naked truth of who we are. Trusting ourselves to step into the shadows of fear and desire comes with practice. You don't have to act upon what you find in the depths of your heart, but knowing what's there is a potent starting point toward a more fulfilling life.

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