Sex, Spies and Scorpio

Sex, Spies and Scorpio

By Jeff Jawer

Sometimes Astrology's symbolism is a perfect match for the news. Such was the situation last week when the case of the cavorting general was blowing up during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13. The Sun represents leaders, and its eclipses are associated with the fall of people in power. Scorpio is a sign of sex and secrecy, which not only fits this story, but is also the Sun sign of General Petraeus and his lady friend Paula Broadwell!

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David Petraeus' role as director of the CIA is another symbolic match with Scorpio's penchant for undercover activities. Yet, as is often the case with both eclipses and with Scorpio, there are mysteries within mysteries. This appears to be more than another straightforward story of a powerful man brought down by his sexual desires. Why wasn't the Senate committee associated with oversight of the CIA informed of the FBI's investigation, while an opposition congressman was? Does any of this have something to do with death of U.S. personnel in Benghazi, Libya?

Other expressions of the sign Scorpio keep coming up in post-election America. A recent article mentioned that the hackers group Anonymous played a key role in the Ohio voting that left powerful Karl Rove puzzled on election night. Scorpio is also associated with debt and taxes, the critical issues that are at the core of political wrangling in the U.S. On the other side of the world China's new leader, Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinxing, warned that corruption, another Scorpionic theme, threatens his party's rule.

Israel and Hamas are firing arms and words at one another in what seems to be an intractable and irresolvable conflict. While the underlying issues have been around for decades, this flare-up with the Sun in Scorpio reflects the passionate intransigence of this Fixed Water sign. However, the point is not to blame Scorpio for these events. It is, rather, to hold up a mirror to ourselves to take note of where our secrets, desires, corruption and resistance inhibit our own growth.

Scorpio is, paradoxically, a sign that can bring us to the depths of our nature and to its heights. It is the process of death or descent, and rebirth. While we can fester with resentment about life's injustices, we can also use the healing power of this zodiac sign to recognize the roots of our behavior and the emotional source of our beliefs. It's often painful to relive the wounds, restore the memories, or reinterpret the history that drives our unconscious reactions. Yet when we have the courage to face them, we begin a transformative process that can change ourselves and, maybe, even the world.

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