A water fairy dancing

Wellsie the Water Fairy

Meet the most fluid Winter Solstice fairy!

By Tarot.com Staff

Water is the element that rules Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer in Astrology. In Tarot, Water represents the Suit of Cups. This Suit refers to all aspects of inner life, fantasy and imagination.

So, then, it's no surprise that Wellsie the Water Fairy is particularly excited by this Winter Solstice, a time when people from all over the world celebrate the return of the light as they have for thousands of years.

Water signs in Astrology are known for this trait, whether it's psychological Scorpio or imaginative Pisces. However, it's the characteristics of Cancer that are most helpful for Wellsie on this occasion.

Cancer is very involved with family intimacy and the comforts of home. A winter party is a great way to do that. Wellsie the Water Fairy aids this emotional bonding with loved ones. Singing celebratory or spiritual songs brings up sentimentality and closeness to a higher power, whatever your beliefs.

And don't forget the drinks! Whether it's fresh juices, home-made mead or nourishing herbal teas, Wellsie is the Winter Solstice barista ... bringing family and friends together.

Fun facts about Wellsie the Water Fairy:

Special Fairy Power: Creating melodies out of raindrops.

Sun Sign: Pisces

Favorite Tarot Deck: One World Tarot

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Favorite Saying: "Upon us all, a little rain must fall."

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