A fire fairy blowing fire

Fiona the Fire Fairy

Meet the most energetic Winter Solstice fairy!

By Tarot.com Staff

Fire is the element of the Wands suit in Tarot, which is associated with passion and energy, will, desire and charisma.

In Astrology, Fire rules the signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. Because the Winter Solstice is all about the return of the Sun's light as the days start to get longer, Fiona really shines on these occasions. The Sun, after all, is the ruler of the Fire sign, Leo.

Fiona the Fire Fairy's job, then, is to provide joy and inspiration to any Winter Solstice get-together. She "heats up" the proceedings! Fiona's outgoing, spontaneous nature facilitates laughs, high energy and a rollicking good time. Sometimes she can bring a little too much drama and fanfare to the party, but she can't help it -- she's just so full of energy, she can't contain herself!

A Winter Solstice celebration depends on illumination to ward off the darkness of winter -- and to spark our imaginations. The very first solstice festivities often featured a large bonfire around which members of the community would dance.

Whether we congregate around a flame or an incandescent bulb (which is more likely nowadays), Fire energy is key to providing a focus for our attention. And Fiona the Fire Fairy carries the matches!

Fun facts about Fiona the Fire Fairy:

Special Fairy Power: Can make light and fire with a flick of her wand.

Sun Sign: Leo

Favorite Tarot Deck: Dragon

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Saying: "Live and let light!"

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