The Magic of the Planets

Planet Magic

By Jeff Jawer

The planets are descriptions of fundamental energies that operate inside us and in the world around us. The Sun is the primary source of energy; it is the light and life of the solar system and the animating principle of will, consciousness, and identity. Most people know what sign the Sun was in when they were born and recognize it as a key to self-understanding. Yet the Sun shines all year long, whether it's in your sign or not. The confidence, courage, and creativity it represents can warm us and inform us with its power at any time. Picturing the star our planet orbits and the sunlike images of kings, queens, performers, and charismatic leaders inspire those qualities within ourselves.

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Solar consciousness can melt away fear. If you're filled with self-doubt on your way to a meeting, think of your heroes and put them in your heart. Warm yourself with their images and breathe in the stellar qualities that have earned your admiration. This is a way to bring Astrology to life by direct experience. Any individual birth chart is a limited picture of the powers of the planets. It's a perspective that describes personal strengths and weaknesses, yet it's an incomplete view of reality. All of the planets and the archetypes they represent are available to us all the time.

The same kind of magic can be done with the other planets. The Moon provides comfort and security, Mercury sharpens minds, Venus beautifies. Mars brings initiative, Jupiter raises hopes, and Saturn supplies structure. Learning the basic characteristics of the planets enriches us with a vocabulary of energy that can be called upon to awaken the qualities we need. Extending your stride when you walk reflects Jupiter's expansiveness, inviting it into your life. Slowing down to a steady, even pace with good posture invites the discipline and self-control of Saturn.

The true magic of Astrology is more than personality analysis, compatibility assessment, or in the predictive power of cycles. While each of these enriches human understanding, they are built on the vocabulary of planetary awareness that underlies all astrological practice. When we think, see, breathe, stand, walk, or speak with the planets in mind, we invoke their unique qualities and can apply them whenever they are needed in our lives.

Reveal how the planets are influencing you with Daily Horoscopes customized to YOUR unique birth chart »

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