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Feng Shui Mistakes and Solutions

Learn to find and fix your Feng Shui mistakes

By Stephanie Dempsey

Feng Shui enthusiasts use "cures" for everything from finding love to winning the lottery. And while adding plants and wind chimes to strategic spots can attract fortune, what you don't do can often be as important as the actions you do take.

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Now the 10 biggest Feng Shui mistakes you can make, and how to fix them.

Mistake: Never entering your home through the front door

Solution: Your front door governs your career and life path. When you enter your home through the garage or back door, you lose sight of your life's purpose. Job opportunities dry up and aimlessness sets in. Get into the habit of using the front door at least once a day, even if you have to go out of your way to do so.

Mistake: Keeping exercise equipment in the bedroom

Solution: The bedroom should evoke play, not work. Storing your Stairmaster in the boudoir will make relationships arduous and exhausting. Move your exercise machine to another part of the house. If you want to work out in the bedroom, do it between the sheets!

Mistake: Allowing clutter to accumulate

Solution: Musty newspapers, dirty laundry, and piles of toys can weigh you down, both physically and emotionally. Tidy up at least once a week to restore your health.

Mistake: Keeping hall closets jammed to overflowing

Solution: Hall closets represent your capacity to be receptive. Keeping yours stuffed with sports equipment, off-season clothing, and sundry junk will cut you off from helpful people. Clear out these spaces so they are one third empty, then wait for burdens to lift.

Mistake: Leaving walls bare and lifeless

Solution: Blank walls make it difficult to abandon yourself to pleasure. Take the time to fill your home with artwork that uplifts and inspires you. At the very least, apply colorful paint or paper to the walls.

Mistake: Leaving the toilet seat up

Solution: Women have been complaining about this phenomenon for years ... and with good reason. Toilets are drains that can suck wealth right out of your life. Get into the habit of keeping the lid down when the toilet is not in use.

Mistake: Not washing windows

Solution: If you don't do windows, you won't do much else, either. That's because windows are connected to your fame and reputation. When they're clear and sparkling, people will recognize and celebrate your talent. When they're dirty and dim, those golden opportunities will keep passing you by.

Mistake: Ignoring squeaky hinges

Solution: Doors that moan and groan can make you inflexible. A few drops of WD-40 will loosen up more than your hinges.

Mistake: Never cooking

Solution: Your kitchen is the heart of your home. When it lies stagnant, all areas of your life will suffer. The more you cook at home, the happier and healthier you will be. If you can't cook, be sure to ignite the burners on your stove at least once a day to generate warmth and vitality.

Mistake: Hanging on to unwanted family heirlooms

Solution: Grandma willed you her favorite brown afghan that smells of mothballs and clashes with everything you own. Whether you've draped it over the couch or relegated it to a cardboard box, this legacy is keeping you mired in the past. Get rid of undesired gifts and move on.

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