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Color Feng Shui

Alter the energy of your environment through color

By Stephanie Dempsey

Color is one of the most powerful Feng Shui techniques. It's also one of the easiest to employ. Painting a room a different color can have a profound effect on the way you think and behave.

And if you want to draw on the transformative power of color, check out the following description of colors, then choose the ones that best suit your dreams, hopes and desires.

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Associated with the fire element, red is the color of passion, excitement and anger. It is the most visible color, prompting viewers to stop and pay attention. Use red wherever you want an energy boost. If you seek a more passionate love life, don't paint your entire bedroom red. Otherwise, you'll never get any sleep. Instead, paint the room an earthier color like chocolate brown and add burgundy accents. Avoid red in places that get lots of sunlight or where arguments are prone to break out.


A combination of optimistic yellow and passionate red, orange draws people together in the spirit of harmony. This color allows people to express their feelings without fear of reprisal. Incorporate orange wherever you have diverse groups gathering together. This is an ideal color to use in common areas like the kitchen or living room when you're in a blended family, or when you are seeking to integrate a newly adopted child into the household. Stay away from orange if you need to develop your self-confidence or want to express your creativity.


Bright yellow boosts morale and lends cheer. Associated with the sun, yellow is life-giving and energizing. Use this color wherever you want to lift your spirits or find clarity. This is a great color for the kitchen or study. Stay away from yellow if you are concerned with getting old before your time, since yellow is symbolic of aging. Use a muted tone of yellow like honey wheat, or goldenrod in the bedroom if you suffer from depression or health setbacks. Earthy shades of yellow are associated with improved physical strength.


Associated with the wood element, green is the color of growth. Use green wherever you want to experience inspiration, adventure and change. This is an ideal color for an exercise room or library. You should also incorporate green wherever you feel stuck or stagnant. Avoid green if you have trouble focusing. You should also stay away from this color if you're struggling with cancer. (Green stimulates growth, and cancer patients strive to inhibit the growth of malignant tumors.)


Linked with the sky and ocean, blue is the color of reflection and relaxation. This color helps ease anxiety, and is ideal for any space where you want to relax and be yourself. Blue is a perfect color for the bathroom, as this area is associated with release and renewal. Stay away from blue if you have a hard time connecting with people or are prone to depression.


Symbolic of royalty, purple is the color of abundance, wealth and power. Use purple wherever you feel deficient or insecure. Purple is also associated with spirituality, and is a wonderful color to integrate into a meditation room, yoga studio or spa. Stay away from purple if you are prone to fantasy or escapism.


A combination of intimate white and passionate red, pink is the color of romance. Use pink wherever you want to feel loved, nurtured and cherished. Pink is an ideal color for bedrooms. If this color is too feminine for your taste, you can use it as an accent color. Avoid pink if others take advantage of your generosity.


Associated with the earth element, brown is the color of stability. It affords a sense of safety, protection and security. Use brown wherever you want to foster healthy relationships. This is an ideal color for the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Stay away from brown if you have difficulty starting projects or feel like you're stuck in a rut.


A blend of intense white and absorbing black, gray is the color of transition. It is an ideal color for waiting rooms and hallways. Stay away from gray if you want to settle on a course of action.


Absorbing black invites exploration and promotes mystery. Associated with the water element, black is ideal for promoting self-confidence and independence. It is an ideal accent color for any space where you want to assert your power, like an office. Avoid black if you tend to isolate yourself from others.


Associated with the metal element, white is the color of focus, intensity and purity. It promotes creativity, as white acts like a blank canvas. White is a wonderful color for kitchens, particularly if you like inventing recipes or crafting gourmet meals. White is also a good color for an art studio. If you're suffering from cancer, white is a good color to focus upon, as it inhibits the growth of cells. Stay away from white if you are overly critical or have trouble expressing affection.

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